Mini Ornament Wreath {holiday}

As promised, I'm back with a 2nd wreath. This is pretty much the same as the last wreath, but in mini form. Because honestly, what's cuter than a mini wreath? My daughter wanted to make a wreath, and how can I say no to a) this adorable face, and b) a daughter who wants to craft with me?! So we made a mini wreath. We started with a bunch of mini ornaments from Target, a wreath form, and some fabric. We wrapped the form in fabric first. Now we have a good surface for the hot glue to stick to. Next, she wrapped the wreath in some silver tinsel. And from … [Read more...]

Make your own fancy ORNAMENT WREATH! Easy and inexpensive

In an effort to be festive this year I've made two wreaths! Today I'm sharing wreath #1 with you, and I'll share wreath #2 in a few days. This big ornament wreath was so easy to make! It is festive and fun, and I get compliments on it from everyone who comes over. Follow the simple step-by-step tutorial below to make your own festive ornament wreath - for much cheaper than if you bought one! To make this ornament wreath, you will need the following items: wreath form a lot of plastic ornaments tinsel a strip of fabric or muslin hot glue gun First, cut (or tear) … [Read more...]

Sparkly Silver Tinsel Ornaments

I have joined forces with six other awesomespice bloggers to bring you several Christmas Decorating ideas and projects. Each day one of us will be featuring a Christmas project or decorating idea on our own blog. We'll be sharing the links to everyone elses projects on our social media (twitter, facebook, pinterest) so you can easily find them. Tuesday is my day! I'm getting the post up late (sorry!) because of an emergency appendectomy last night for my son. I'll give you more details about him later tonight or tomorrow. I'm sharing a super-simple idea for making some cheap and … [Read more...]

Silver Tinsel Ornaments

Hey peeps! I made this tutorial for Under The Table and Dreaming's Handmade Ornament Series last week. I'm reposting it here in case you missed it over there. I'm here to show you the easiest ornament in the world to make, yet one of my very favorites... Silver Tinsel Ornaments To make these simple sparkle ornaments you will need: * clear glass ornaments * silver garland Hey, I said they were easy, didn't I? Simply cut the garland into 1" strips and stuff into each of the glass ornaments. Pop the top back on and twist an ornament hook onto each … [Read more...]