Thrift store BAR CART turned piano music SHELF

Hey guys! I love finding cool stuff for cheap at the thrift store that I can makeover. I feel like the past few years thrifting has become so trendy that the prices have skyrocketed, so I haven't purchased a bunch of stuff like I used to years ago when I first started this blog. I totally lucked out recently though when I found a cool rattan bar cart at a thrift store for only $10! I haven't seen a piece of furniture priced that low in a long, long time. Of course I snatched it right up, not even knowing what I'd use it for. I ended up painting it entire bar cart and use it now … [Read more...]

A bedside table; from dirty and drab to shiny and fab

I have a boyfriend. Shhhh, don't tell Ben. His name is Craig. And he has the coolest list. Yes, my boy toy is Craigslist. And several months ago I found a side table for my {other other} boy. But you probably remember the side table from my Magnetic Chalkboard Message Station. The chalkboard is still going strong in the ol' laundry room/mud room, but the side table has finally made it's way to my son's room. Before I moved the table upstairs to it's new permanent home, I had to give it a makeover. What?!! Would you expect any less from me? ;) I sanded down the … [Read more...]

How an Epic Fail turned into a Win; and why my Entry Table is now green with envy

Before I dive in and show you guys my awesome entry table transformation, I have to take a minute to give a big huge {Thank You!} to Sarah over at... As some of you know, I'm a HUGE FAN of TDC. Her's is my favorite blog and one of the very first blogs I started reading 'back in the day'. On Friday Sarah did a feature about House of Hepworths. I had no idea she was going to feature me, and when I saw it I had to remind myself to breathe and my husband almost had to give me CPR to get my heart pumping again. Sarah didn't only tell her readers that she likes me, she gave an … [Read more...]