Stunning fireplace makeover with paint!

I finally did it. I finally took the plunge and painted the fireplace! I've been putting it off for a year and a half because, well, it's just so permanent. What if I hated it? Once you paint brick, it is really hard to un-paint it. It's a scary plunge! But I finally just dove in head first and did it. I mean, how can I hate the brick any more than I already do? Peach brick is really not my thing, and I just couldn't stare at that huge peach wall for one more day. Check out the before and after pics, and get all the deets about painting brick... Here's where we started: We have a … [Read more...]

3 small projects equals one big post update

So, are you as sick of hearing about that damn to-do list as I am? What on God's Green Earth would inspire me to round up twenty-freaking-four projects and put them all in one tidy little post? And then, to add insult to injury, I gave myself a deadline of December 31st to complete the list. Of course, you know that means there's absolutely no way I completed that list by December 31st. But I did put a pretty good dent in it. And now I have two more projects to check off, plus a bonus project that isn't even on the list. Shall we get to it then? I think we shall. First … [Read more...]

cleaning plate covers to make your home new again

One of the things I did (and I strongly recommend everyone do) to prep the family room for painting is remove all the light switch and plug covers. I put all the plate covers in a little plastic bin as I removed them from the walls. Once I had them all collected I noticed how gross and filthy they all were. Many even had dried paint on them, so I think the previous owner must have just painted around them when they painted. When you remove the covers to paint it's an excellent time to take advantage of the situation and give them a nice good washing. It only took … [Read more...]

The Family Room get’s painted, round 1

Hey guys! I've been elbow-deep in paint the last few days, but I'm taking a break to give you a little progress update. My room started off like THIS: (Minus the Halloween decor obviously.) In October I created a little mock-up of what I'm hoping the room will look like when I'm done with it. I've changed my mind on a few things since then, but I'm still hoping for the gray walls and all the moulding and boxes. I scooted our couch back to make the room feel bigger, so I no longer have room for a sofa table behind the couch, and I've got a new vision for our entertainment … [Read more...]

Picking paint

I've been fretting over paint since we moved in. What color do I want my Family Room? It shares walls with the breakfast area as well as the kitchen so I need a good neutral color that will go well for the majority of the downstairs of the house. Do I want tan or gray? Well, I finally narrowed my selection down to one of these: :) I am so indecisive!! Why can't I just pick a color already and move forward? I don't know why I have such a hard time with this. Colors are not my strong-suite. I can confidently replace a sprinkler head, but when it comes to picking out … [Read more...]