Custom Labels for your Baking Storage Containers

My daughter LOVES to bake. I wouldn't be surprised if someday she opens up her own bakery. She bakes yummy treats almost daily (which makes being low-carb even harder!). She is an amazing baker! Did I mention that she's only 13? Because of all her daily baking, I wanted a functional AND pretty way to store all the baking goods. I found these awesome Rubbermaid containers on amazon and created some pretty labels using my Silhouette. Once I get more organized I plan on making these and selling them for those of you who don't have a vinyl cutter, but for now I'm just sharing the tutorial. … [Read more...]

Canned Goods Storage

We are in the process of upgrading our dated and not-so-functional pantry. The old, rusted wire shelving has been replaced with wooden shelves in a more user-friendly layout. Instead of wrapping the shelving around the entire pantry we opted to leave the back wall open and create a narrow canned goods shelving system instead. Not only does the shelf hold a ton of cans, it also makes it extremely easy to find exactly what I'm looking for. Another great feature is that it has a very narrow profile - sticking out from the wall only 3.5"! This leaves the entire room feeling bigger and more … [Read more...]

Pocket Doors, Pantries, and Canned Good Storage

I know I'm like a broken record here, but yes, I am going to talk again about the kitchen renovation. It's like the renovation that keeps on giving and giving. ;) As you probably surmised by reading the title, I am showing you the two pocket doors we installed (love them!), our pantry makeover, and also sharing a cool storage solution I came up with for canned goods. Let's start with the pocket doors. I knew from the day we bought our house that I wanted to ditch two awkwardly placed doors and install pocket doors instead. I love Locksmiths Romford! Exhibit A: Awkward Door … [Read more...]

Our plans for the laundry room & a fun addition to the pantry

Hello there! We are finally feeling some warmish weather again here in Austin. It was below freezing for several days (you Northerners don't laugh! It never gets below freezing here.) but we are now enjoying temps in the low 60s (don't be jealous though, we pay for it each summer when temps get into the high 90s!). Anyway, because of the nicer weather Ben and I hit up Costco this weekend for an exciting purchase to finish off (errr, start?) a project we've been wanting to do for some time now. This project is one of those "if you give a mouse a cookie" type projects, so who knows when we … [Read more...]

Less is more [removing shelving in the pantry]

I won't lie, we have a pretty fab pantry. At least the size of it is pretty fab, though I'm not a fan of the wire shelving. After living here 6 months though, I've kinda started to figure out what works for me in this house and what annoys me. What annoys me about this pantry are 1) it's not technically in the kitchen, which means I have to walk farther (I can't fix this issue though), 2) the wire shelves are obnoxious (I can and will handle that issue in the future, but it's not high on the priority list), and 3) The rear left and right corners are like dark abysses where food goes to … [Read more...]