Hibiscus pillow from a bedsheet

A few months back I scored several decorative pillows from my neighbor's garage sale, all for $1 each. A dollar for a pillow is cheaper than buying a bag of pillow stuffing! If you need a pillow, like, right this very second, or you just aren't lucky enough to find a garage sale 3 doors down with dollar pillows, Goodwill always has a plethora of crappy pillows to choose from. Then I found this purdy teal flat sheet at Walmart for only five bucks. Yes, I went to Walmart. {sigh} I try to avoid it at all costs (you guys know how much I love Target!}, but sometimes I head over … [Read more...]

pillows & candles & tables, oh my!

The family room is s-l-o-w-l-y coming together. Can you believe I found that candle holder @ GW in LA before I moved? Can you double believe I was actually going to paint it?? I'm totally diggin' the green now! Last time I showed you my family room it looked like this: Ack, I can't even look at it. It's blinding me. Except my baby girl. She's cute. So I'm strollin' through el Tar-jay-o and I come across these adorable little pillows on clearance for $6.97 each. Score baby! Adorable, right? I was a puddle right there in the store. Good thing it was … [Read more...]