The boy is seeing stripes {PB knock off boy bedding}

There's been a hitch in Ben's crazy post (as mentioned here). Isn't that always the case? You announce something beforehand and it blows up in your face? Hopefully I'll have that post out within a day or two. But for now, I'll show you the boy's new bedding. I've been working on his room a little here and there (between K's room and the laundry room). Honestly, I'd love to just start a room and then actually finish it before starting on another project, but I just can't help myself. It's like I need 10 different things going on at once. That way I'll never get bored with just … [Read more...]

How to layer a bed + a full source list {Bedding Week}

Welcome to another installment of... Today I'm going to share some quick tips about bedding. Let's start with making a bed. I'm sure there are like 20 billion ways to layer a bed. This is just how *I* do it. First I start off with my gear: I bought sheets from Wal-Mart for both my kids' beds. I altered my daughter's to look like ones at PBTeen. I also bought some of these vinyl mattress covers. These are an inexpensive way to protect your mattress from accidents (bed wetting and barfing included). Each kid also has a mattress pad on their bed for more … [Read more...]

I knocked-off some PBTeen bedding and saved $355! {daughters new bedding}

Well hey hey hey my friends! I hope you had a smashing weekend! I'm back today to show you the bedding progress I've made on my darling daughter K's room. I'm getting so excited about her entire room makeover because I'm finally to the point that I can see the finish line. If you are new here you can see all the posts about her room here. Last week I showed you the new bed we got for K: I LOVE this bed! Seriously. I'm smitten. Now it's time to get some pretty bedding to go along with the pretty new bed. I searched for bedding for a few months. I wanted to find … [Read more...]

A beachy makeover on my mirror

Back in September I was inspired by a photo I found in the Pottery Barn catalog. Basically it was to add a mirror to this gold frame: Even though it was inspired by Pottery Barn, I just never have loved it. The gold is too yellow for me and I'm not really a "gold" person anyway. My mantra lately has been to "add more color" around my house. I always play it safe with neutral colors, but it's so fun to see a brightly painted piece in a room. I've already "added more color" recently by painting my entry table Avocado: I love having color in my house so much that I decided to … [Read more...]

Let there be light. But not too much of it.

** If you are getting any SOUND or POP-UPS from ads on my site, please let me know so I can make them go away. Thank you. ** As most of you are aware, I've been updating my piano room for oh, about 5 months. It's a process people. It's a process. Over Christmas I showed you the room with the tree in it. Oh the horror of all horrors! The lamps have no shades on them. Can you say T.A.C.K.Y. with me? I had previously bought the *brand new* Target lamps at Goodwill for only $4 each. Score baby! So ya, the lamps have been neked since mid November. I know I know, I'm … [Read more...]

Pottery Barn inspiration

Well, the new Pottery Barn catalog has arrived! As I flipped through the pages wishing I could afford everything, I came across this picture. Swoon. How could you not love Pottery Barn? Now, look past the beautiful centerpiece on the coffee table. And past the inviting white couch. Do you see the mirrors? Yup, these ones... The wooden one is listed and you can order it, but the gold one is no where to be found in the magazine. But that didn't stop me! I instantly realized I had almost the exact same frame in my stash. (I think the frame came from … [Read more...]