Master bathroom reno update 4 || removing the garden bathtub

I've tackled another milestone of the master bathroom demolition. Yay! The garden tub is outta there! I'll walk you through the process. So far I've gutted this bathroom 100% by myself. I am woman, hear me roar! ;) First things first, I had to remove the remainder of the tile. It was quick and fairly painless. Next up, the fun begins! I got to bust out my Ryobi sawzall for this! I'm always up for an excuse to start hacking away with the reciprocating saw. Bawhahaha. I used the sawzall to cut the pvc drain pipe. It was glued into the tub and was not going to budge, so I chopped … [Read more...]

More updates in the guest bathroom

When we moved in a few months ago our guest bathroom looked like this: After a little tweaking (not to be confused with twerking. Gross.) here, I managed to spruce it up enough that my kids weren't frightened to shower in there (often one kid will shower in the guest bathroom if they are in a hurry and both need to shower at the same time). Eta: I've been getting questions about the shower curtain. Here's an entire post about where it's from and the low down on it. Well, I've been back at it again in there. The cabinet above the toilet has been driving me crazy. It is ugly, … [Read more...]

A temporary fix; fixing the fence

Sometimes you just don't have the luxury to drop hundreds of dollars for something new. Take this gate for example. This thing is a pile of garbage! In addition to it being held up by a leaning fence post on one side and a huge rock on the other (I'm not joking, it's not even attached to the ground anymore), the dag-gum gate won't open all the way. (Do you see the huge rock holding it up?) The gate hits the paver pathway thingy that the previous owner so crappily installed. I went out armed with a small shovel ready to move the pavers and dig a deeper hole for them, only … [Read more...]