Buddy the Elf loves singing loud (vinyl sign tutorial)

I know it's terrible to even mention Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I want to share this craft with you guys asap in case you want to bust one out before Santa makes his appearance. My all time most favorite Christmas movie in the history of ever is Elf. Will Ferrell, Bob Newhart, and Zooey Deschanel seriously MAKE this movie. Not only do I watch it at least 20 times in the month of December, I also quote this movie year-round, pretty much daily. How could I not create a sign with the most epic phrase from the best Christmas movie of all time? (Sorry Miracle on 34th Street and A … [Read more...]

glitter pinecones – the worlds most inefficient tutorial

I had this wonderful awful idea to add glitter to a few pinecones. Isn't it purdy? I love glitter!! Best.Stuff.Ever. Seriously. I love it. (I also love being an amateur photographer. Do you like my "fancy" photos?) As you can plainly see, I made a white glitter pinecone. But I also made a red one! Yup, I made a total of two glitter pinecones. After that I gave up because they were a PAIN in the you-know-what if you know what I mean. I bought this 3-pack of glitter from Dollar Tree. And I thought, "What better way to use this glitter than to … [Read more...]

pom-pom terra cotta christmas trees

Hey friends! Today I'm {finally} going to show you my 3rd and final Christmas Tree I made from terra cotta pots. This is the first one I showed you guys almost 3 weeks ago: And then a week later I showed you my favorite of the three - the silver Christmas Tree. Here are one and two together: The final tree I made is a pot larger than the other two. I just used an additional larger pot on the bottom to make it stand taller. (For complete instructions on how to make these pots, click HERE.) I wanted a fun tree that my kids could enjoy, so I used … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree from terra-cotta pots

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Ya, ya, I know, it's NOT EVEN TURKEY DAY YET! BUT, and that's a big fat BUT... Don't you want some Christmas crafts NOW so that you can make them for the entire Holiday Season? Ya, that's what I thought! You are welcome! Make an adorable Christmas Tree out of terra-cotta flower pots! (Isn't this just adorable?) Do you want to know how to make this? And I'm going to be extra super nice and include a cost break-down for you as well. Yippie! If I've peaked your interest and you want to make one, read on! This isn't a hard craft. You'll love … [Read more...]