How to install shelves in a closet

Last week I showed you the shelves I installed in our guest room slash my new office closet. I finally wrote the tutorial to show you how to do it. It's pretty simple but there are lots of steps. First off, you need to figure out how many shelves you want and what size they need to be. I settled on 4 new shelves, plus the original one already in the closet. I chose to leave the original shelf and the clothes rod hardware in the closet, just in case we ever want to convert it back to a clothing closet. I wanted two additional shelves that were the same depth as the … [Read more...]

Switching things up in K’s Room

When we moved into this house over a year ago my daughter's room was a huge football field. After torturing my poor daughter in that room for 15 straight months, I finally started her much needed bedroom makeover by hanging lots of board & batten and giving the entire room a fresh coat of paint (or 20, but I lost count). I've been at it again this weekend. I really want to tie up all the lose ends of her room and get it done once and for all. Let's start with her furniture. She has great furniture. Her matching set has a sleigh bed, a dresser & mirror, a side table, … [Read more...]

Another one bites the dust (project 4: hang floating shelves)

Another project on my to-do list, that is! "Project 4: Hang two long shelves" can now be checked off my way-too-long to-do list. Before: Now: There really isn't much to say. I bought the shelves at ikea and followed the directions inclosed to hang them. But, in the spirit of blogging - taking totally mundane chores and somehow make them interesting by writing about them, I'll go ahead and blather on about the shelves for a minute or two. Or ten. I first decided to hang these awesome floating shelves in the dining room after seeing them over at I Heart … [Read more...]