Decor with Bling; rhinestone dress & laptop bag tutorial

Nothing is safe from bling at my house. N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

My daughter’s favorite dress got some sparkly bling:

Even my super boring laptop bag got a Pick-Me-Up fit for a tween.

{Get it? A star for House of Hepworths? No need to point out how much of a dork I am. I am already well aware.}

Like the cute rhinestone embellishments I added to my daughter’s dress and my laptop bag?


Here’s how I did it. I started with a Rhinestone Starter Kit from Silhouette.

These images were found at the Silhouette Store. I hate wasting my supplies, so I crammed them as close together as I could get them. Now I have additional material leftover so I can use it again to make another new project.

When you cut rhinestone projects with your Silhouette you cannot resize the images. They are created to fit the rhinestones perfectly.

I started with the flower first and used the rhinestone positioning brush to quickly get all the rhinestones placed. I’ll show you more in depth on the star decal in a minute.

Once all the rhinestones are positioned use the transfer paper to move the rhinestones from your board to your project surface.

Cover with a thin sheet or towel and hold the iron on firmly until the rhinestones adhere.

Once they are stuck to the fabric simply peel off the transfer paper to reveal an adorable rhinestone embellishment.

My daughter went absolutely nuts when I gave her her newly embellished dress. And it was such an easy addition.

Now for the laptop bag. I started with this boring but super functional bag for my laptop. As a blogger I am always lugging my computer around with me.

I wasn’t sure how the nylon fabric would handle the iron but I just threw caution to the wind and did it anyway.

I started by removing the super boring Jansport logo from the front of the bag. A simple seam ripper had the logo removed in just a few minutes.

I used the rhinestone positioning brush to position the rhinestones.
{Note: these rhinestones are a larger size than come in the kit and will need to be ordered separately.}

To position the rhinestones just pour a pile of them onto your cut rhinestone paper and then gently move the brush around over the top of the rhinestones. It’s seriously like magic. Most of the stones will turn over the right direction and will magically appear in the proper holes.

For the additional stubborn rhinestones, I used the Pick-Me-Up Tool to push the rhinestones into place. The opposite end of the tool grabs and picks up all the leftover stones.

After adhering the stones to the transfer paper it was time to find out if an iron will melt nylon.

Fortunately the fabric help up beautifully and I am now left with a huge bling-y star instead of a boring patch.

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{This giveaway is now closed. The winner is comment #2 – Jen Burger.}


13 vinyl projects + giveaway winner

It’s no secret that I love my Silhouette CAMEO.

Here are most of my vinyl projects:

Baking Container Labels

Mini Monogram Pedestals

You&Me Custom Artwork

Disney Water Bottles

Advent Calendar

Start Being Awesome Typography Artwork – Gray

Start Being Awesome Typography Artwork – Yellow

Personalized Dog Food Containers

Frosted Monogram Mirror

Vinyl Monogram Candle

Vinyl Decal Candle

Personalized Caboodles

HoH Logo Artwork

Can you believe I have so many vinyl projects?! I seriously love this machine! Which project do you like the most?


DIY vinyl Baking Labels for your pantry

I made some cute baking labels for my pantry with my Silhouette CAMEO:

I bought these ho-hum plastic containers for all my baking stuff. They are practical, yet boring. Plus I keep getting my sugar and splenda mixed up. I purchased them from my local grocery store (HEB). They are Rubbermaid brand.

I wanted to make ’em all purty with some labels to stop confusing me while in a baking trance, so I busted out the CAMEO and some premium black vinyl and had these cute labels cut out in a jiffy.

To make the labels, first measure your area you want your vinyl.

The font I used is called “Black Jack”. Once your vinyl is cut simply apply it to your surface.

Voila. Perfect Labeled Containers!

This machine is so easy to use and creates such cute stuff! If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m a huge Silhouette fan.

Silhouette has some excellent Pinterest boards with loads of Silhouette ideas to get your gears spinnin’.

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{The winner has been announced here.}

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