An amazing staircase makeover – from carpet to wood

Today is an exciting day! I'm going to share all the nitty gritty on getting our staircase completely redone. We hired out for part of it, and part of it we did ourselves. As not to leave you in suspense for too long, I'll just start out with the before and after. WOWZA! I can't even believe I'm looking at the same staircase. Clearly we are still finishing up this renovation and need to finish painting the wall. Here's where we left off last time: We rebuilt half the staircase and framed out the wall and then I created a custom skirting for the curved staircase. If you'd … [Read more...]

3 small projects equals one big post update

So, are you as sick of hearing about that damn to-do list as I am? What on God's Green Earth would inspire me to round up twenty-freaking-four projects and put them all in one tidy little post? And then, to add insult to injury, I gave myself a deadline of December 31st to complete the list. Of course, you know that means there's absolutely no way I completed that list by December 31st. But I did put a pretty good dent in it. And now I have two more projects to check off, plus a bonus project that isn't even on the list. Shall we get to it then? I think we shall. First … [Read more...]

Tips for incorporating portraits into your decor

I absolutely love decorating my home with portraits and pictures of my family. Yes, I'm addicted to Rodney White, but besides his art, I prefer framed portraits to any other art in my home. My favorite family portrait in our home is this huge one on canvas that I had printed up last year. It was above the fireplace for awhile, but now I have it hanging at the top of the stairs. When you look up the stairs you are greeted by this large canvas. Love it. My most recent addition to our home are these huge portrait prints that I showed you last week. We are totally NOT … [Read more...]

24 projects I should have finished by now

Source: And now, in no particular order, here are the current partially finished projects I've got going on in the house, and what I need to do to finish them. I've tried to organize them room-by-room, so I'll start with the dining room. Project 1: Finish all 10 dining chairs. (photo via) It's a big project, so maybe I should divide them into sub-projects. To finish these chairs I need to: a) sand them down a bit b) hook up my paint sprayer and spray them all with a few good coats of primer and paint c) and finally, upholster them. Project … [Read more...]

The Stairs

I tend to get focused on one thing and then obsess about it non-stop. It's all I can think about all day and night until I finally tackle whatever it is I'm obsessing about. Right now, it's THE STAIRS. I know I won't get around to this HUGE project any time soon, but it's fun to dream! Here's my big dream that one day I'll get around to doing... Here are the stairs at my new house: (They are nice and have absolutely nothing wrong with them. I just like other stairs better.) And here is what I want to do to my stairs... Absah-freaking-lootly beautiful. I … [Read more...]