Orange you glad you chose Thomas Paul? (My dining curtains are done!)

Fourteen months ago I discovered Thomas Paul and his Aviary Fabric. I saw the fabric in a model home and was smitten at that very instant. Later I was tickled pink orange when I found out the same fabric also came in tangerine. At that moment, my dining room's fate was sealed. Well, the day has come. The fabric has been purchased, and the dining room Thomas Paul Aviary curtains are D-O-N-E. Wanna see my newest most-favoritest-accessory in the whole wide world? I can't stop grinning from ear to ear. And honest to God, they look about fifty bagillion times more … [Read more...]

The moulding is hung & I actually have a plan for the Dining Room

I've officially dubbed this week Moulding Week. I've hung, puttied, caulked, taped, and painted so much moulding I am now seeing moulding in my sleep! Here's where I'm at now with the dining room: Last time I showed you the room, it looked like this: (In a Patrick Voice), "What's the difference?!" (I've watched way too much Spongebob lately.) Okay, so the difference is that the room now has a chair rail and moulding around the window. I'd say the room is finally coming along. You can also play catch up and see all the other posts about my Dining Room. Before I hung … [Read more...]

Aviary fabric by Thomas Paul

Several months ago I obsessed over some fabric I found in a model home (and you guys obsessed with me!). I've found several GREAT DEALS for this fabric and furniture with this fabric. Read on for the links! … [Read more...]

You asked, I listened {finally}

A few weeks ago I made a post called Give Your Windows Special Treatment Included in my roundup of great Model Home window treatments was this one... This is my favorite treatment ever. The fabric is just to die for. Beautiful, right? Well, I'm not the only person who loves this fabric! You do too! I've been FLOODED with emails and comments about this fabric. Unfortunately, I didn't know ANYTHING about the fabric. It was just another fabric in a Model Home I was in. BUT, after over two weeks of CONSTANT emailing from you guys, I've FINALLY tracked it … [Read more...]