Thrift store BAR CART turned piano music SHELF

Hey guys! I love finding cool stuff for cheap at the thrift store that I can makeover. I feel like the past few years thrifting has become so trendy that the prices have skyrocketed, so I haven't purchased a bunch of stuff like I used to years ago when I first started this blog. I totally lucked out recently though when I found a cool rattan bar cart at a thrift store for only $10! I haven't seen a piece of furniture priced that low in a long, long time. Of course I snatched it right up, not even knowing what I'd use it for. I ended up painting it entire bar cart and use it now … [Read more...]

The thrifted shelf

Hi guys! {Squeal} I am so excited to finally be back here with you again. As I said in my last post, we have had a rough go around here with lots of illness. In the end, all 4 of us have now been sicker than a dawg, but fortunately the kids are well now, and Ben and I are on the upswing. I went to the doctor today because I have horrible congestion in my chest, and she said I have bronchitis. She said I have it so bad that it sounds like tuberculous. Yikes. I should be just fine now though because she sent me home with some meds that should kick this bronchitis crap to the curb. … [Read more...]

Because everyhing is cuter glued to a candle stand.

I was at my parent's house a few weeks ago and saw this cute little wooden bowl sitting in my 10 year old sister's room. It's from CVS and came with some type of gift pack. As I was looking at it I thought it would be just darling on a pedestal. I found a candle stand from the dollar store and glued it to the bottom of the wooden bowl with some Gorilla Glue. The next day I was at Target and found this even cuter candle stand on Clearance. I knew it would be so much cuter on this bowl than the dollar store one. So I pried the first candle stand off with a putty … [Read more...]

Paint me HAPPY! || painting a thrift vase

About a month ago I showed you this picture on a post called Keepin' Myself Busy. "This is tin and is actually a decent size, so I’m going to paint it and put some tall sticks and things in it." As promised, I painted it and stuck some sticks in it. Follow the tutorial to create your own cheap-o sticks-in-a-tin-vase accessory. Start out with the vase above. Tape some masking tape with paper attached to it on the inside of the vase. (I'm sure this step could probably be omitted if you want the inside of your vase the same color as the outside.) Just add spray p … [Read more...]

Tick Tock, on the clock…

Tick tock, on the clock, but the party don’t stop no! Got this at Goodwill... Blah Blah Blah ;) Broken and scratched, but when has that ever stopped me? I took it apart (this was a stubborn little bugger to get separated!) So, two things: I don't like the color and the battery arm box is broken. First order of business, PAINT. The base is metal so it got a coat of flat black spray paint. But the top part is plastic so I gave it a coat of black spray paint for plastic. The arms are so tiny, so to paint them I cut a slice of floral foam... ...and stuck the a … [Read more...]

How to paint ceramic

Today I'm going to show you how to paint ceramic pitchers and then how to fill them with a spring floral arrangement. I went to Goodwill and found these vases: I love the shape of them, but I'm not loving the decals painted on them. No need to fear! Painting ceramic is super-duper easy. Even easier than I originally anticipated. After I ran them through the dishwasher, I took them outside and spray painted them with a white coat of Primer. Whoops. This one fell over and got totally yucky. No biggie. Just let it finish drying, wipe it down really well, and … [Read more...]