Master Bath Reno || removing tile, capping plumbing

Holla! Hey guys, I'm back today with another master bathroom renovation update. We are still in the demolition phase of this bathroom. I've got some tips that you might find useful if you ever have to tackle your own renovation. The bulk of today's post is sharing some tips on easily removing huge amounts of tile quickly, and also capping off plumbing so you can demo everything without having to leave your main water supply shut off for weeks and weeks. After I took the glass door and frame off the shower, I was left with this: Lots and lots of tile. Smashing that much tile with a … [Read more...]

make your own storage boxes

Many of you know I just moved into my house. And with a new move comes lots of additional expenses including all the accessories you need just to get settled - drawers, baskets, organizers, etc. I've waaay over spent lately on trying to get this house livable (and not even decorated!). I wanted some open storage boxes for the shelves in my garage but I just am sick of spending money! So I improvised. And I'm happy to say that I'm actually quite happy with the outcome and plan on making at least 4 more storage boxes. What do you end up with that's free when you move and … [Read more...]

Not your average baseboards

Once again I didn't take a decent quality "after" picture of this project before we moved. GRRRRRRR!!! This is one of my favorite projects and I'm pleased as punch at how it turned out, so I'm just kicking myself that I only took two after photos, both of which were with my cell phone. As you can see we had some serious issues with baseboards in our sunken living room. The previous owner had the living room walls paneled. Instead of taking it down to the floor, they attached some panel-type baseboards about 6" from the ground and had the bottom 6" (where baseboards should have … [Read more...]

Tile step patch

This project was a big mess. I put months of thought into exactly how I was going to tackle this patch job. Here's what I started with: We ripped out all the paneling and the railing. We were left with a carpet-covered step. Here's the step mid-family room renovation: The problem is that the carpet wrapped up the step and about 6" onto the kitchen floor. Not only did this look tacky, the carpet was getting really dirty from normal wear and tear in the kitchen. After I removed the carpet I was left with this: Yikes! There were several ties that were chipped or were … [Read more...]

It all began with a small re-caulking job…

...and turned into an entire new bathroom top to bottom. I was going to re-caulk the tub. I started to scrape out the moldy caulk and to my disgust and horror tiles started falling off the wall. Lots of tiles. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of it. The entire wall behind the tile was rotten down to the studs. Moldy and yucky and disgusting. I'm surprised I didn't lose my lunch when I discovered it. Who would have thought that a little new caulk would end up costing $4000 and 3 weeks of solid 12-hour days? I'd love to break this project down into smaller topics, but that's … [Read more...]