Refinishing hardwood floors, part 2 – sanding for days

As you are probably aware, because it's literally all I've talked about for weeks... we recently refinished all the wood floors on the entire first floor of our house. And when I say "entire first floor", I mean it. The only rooms on the main level that didn't get new hardwood floors are the bathroom and the laundry room. Every closet (2), every living space (5 - formal living, family, dining, office, kitchen), and even the foyer all got new hardwood floors. Hell, even the staircase got new hardwood floors. And the most incredible, and also worst part? We didn't move out when we did it. We … [Read more...]

Refinishing hardwood floors, part 1 – weaving new flooring into existing

Happy Friday! Today is the post you've all been waiting for - the floor post. Well, the first one anyway. There are so many pictures and so many steps in refinishing existing hardwood floors that I'm going to break it up into several posts. Last I left off, we had finally finished gutting the entire first floor. We did so much work to get from point A (the house before we started the renovations) to point B (ready to start on the floors). If you are new to this series I encourage you to start here and read all the progress to get to where we are now - ready to start the floors. So … [Read more...]

Final whole-house prep/demo for new floors

The huge whole-house renovation continues! We've had to do so much work just to get to a place where we can even begin to think about refinishing the floors. Honestly, it's crazy and overwhelming how much work needed to be done just to be able to refinish the floors. Like, weeks of hard work. If you are just now jumping in on this renovation journey, you can catch up here first: Let the whole-house renovations begin! Just click the above link and start reading! Make sure to grab some popcorn before you begin. At the end of each post will be a link to read the following post. Okay, so … [Read more...]

Knocking down a huge brick fireplace wall

New to this series? Click here to start at the beginning! As part of our whole house renovation we decided to update the brick fireplace wall. We want something a little more modern. When we moved in I painted the brick white to give it a more updated look, but I always knew that some day I'd knock the whole wall out and start over. Here's the wall after I painted it white last year (there are a bunch of useful brick-painting tips in this post): I really liked the updated white look as opposed to the peach brick, but knowing we are about to install new hardwood floors, now is the … [Read more...]

Let the whole-house renovations begin!

Last September we started a huge renovation on our home. I've wanted to blog about it since then but have been so overwhelmed with the mess and construction that I didn't even know where to begin. Well, I'm finally sitting down to share with you guys what I've been doing in our house! We've basically gutted the entire first floor so this will take many blog posts to get caught up. Our major renovation includes: - gutting the kitchen, changing the layout a bit, and installing a new kitchen - all new hardwood floors - new treads and risers on the staircase - ripping out old brick … [Read more...]