How to cut Faux Wood Blinds for a custom fit

I am so super excited about today's post! Do you want faux wood blinds but they seem like way too much work? You have to custom order them, or at best, go to the hardware store with your measurements in hand, purchase them, have the store cut them for you, and then take them home and hope and pray your measurements were correct. Not anymore! Yup, I'm here to show you how to purchase the blinds from the hardware store, take them home, and then measure and custom fit them yourself. {Oh no she didn't.} Oh yes I did! Step one is obviously to purchase the blinds. I hung brand new faux … [Read more...]

You asked, I listened {finally}

A few weeks ago I made a post called Give Your Windows Special Treatment Included in my roundup of great Model Home window treatments was this one... This is my favorite treatment ever. The fabric is just to die for. Beautiful, right? Well, I'm not the only person who loves this fabric! You do too! I've been FLOODED with emails and comments about this fabric. Unfortunately, I didn't know ANYTHING about the fabric. It was just another fabric in a Model Home I was in. BUT, after over two weeks of CONSTANT emailing from you guys, I've FINALLY tracked it … [Read more...]