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GIVEAWAY: Easy Canvas Prints

** This giveaway is now closed ** The winner is comment #132: Gretchen! This weekends giveaway is sure to please! The fine folks over at Easy Canvas Prints want to give one of YOU an 8x10 canvas (plus free shipping) for FRRREEEEEEEEE! Yippie! Earlier this week I showed you my new canvas from Easy Canvas Prints: The quality of the canvas is outstanding. The canvas is thick (1.5" wrapped) and the actual canvas material is heavy and great quality. In addition, the people behind Easy Canvas Prints are ah-freaking-mazing to work with. One more thing... if you live in … [Read more...]

I’m officially a celebrity now. {I’m in the Dremel Newsletter}

I love Dremel! Can't you tell by the drunk-happy look on my face?! Guys, I've been holding out on a serious secret! I'm the feature article in this month's Dremel Newsletter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! click here to read my story! Dremel loved my pot rail post so much they asked me if they could share it in April's newsletter! They lickity-split sent me my very own Dremel and the rest is history. I recreated the post for them using my new Dremel (instead of borrowing my BILs) and now I'm a famous newsletter girl. {The Rise of Mother Kroken of IKEA; Saint of all things … [Read more...]

Hookin Up with HoH #46

Oh boy oh boy. Who wouda-thunk asking people to link back to my blog last week would cause such a tizzy?! The rule stands. BUT(!!!) (yes, there's a BUT!) you just need my link on your blog somewhere. Anywhere. Put it in your post, in your signature, your sidebar, or a separate page. I don't care where. Just have my link on your blog. I'm not even asking for a button (tho that would rock!). A text link or button is great. Capisce? Capisce! It's that time of the week again! Time for another amazingly awesome party!! What's more awesome than adding your links? Having … [Read more...]

My family on canvas! {from Easy Canvas Prints}

I'm so excited to show you this amazing canvas I received recently. Awhile back I had some portraits taken of my family. I finally got one of the poses printed! I love this pose and I knew it would look so amazing printed on a huge canvas. The fine folks over at Easy Canvas Prints printed the image for me on a 24x30" 1.5" wrapped canvas. The results are superb. I'm so blown away by how amazing this image looks printed on this huge canvas. The quality is outstanding. The canvas is thick (1.5") and the actual canvas material is heavy and great quality. I … [Read more...]

The pink fluffy poodle lamp; or, I found another use for all those leftover coffee filters

Hey Peeps! Did you have a fantastic Easter? We spent the long weekend chilaxin' in a lazy river at a resort in San Antonio with some hotel points we had burning a hole in our pocket. Pure.Heaven. So, 'member that Coffee Filter Wreath I made? {How could you NOT remember because of it's sheer awesomeness?} Well, in case you are just itchin' to check out that tutorial, here's my Big Chunky Plumpy Funky Somethin' Somethin' Coffee Filter Wreath again. Okay, so anyway... I said I had a few about 250 filters left over from that ring-o-awesomeness... Is the suspense just killing … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY: Lisa Leonard Designs

** This giveaway is now closed ** The two winners of this giveaway are Ronda (lrbrillo) and Lindsey H! Congrats ladies! This weekends giveaway is sure to rock the house! Who out there wants some new silver yummy bling for Mother's Day? That's what I thought! So read on! The adorable and uber-talented Lisa Leonard of Lisa Leonard Designs is offering TWO lucky House of Hepworths readers the chance to win a $50 gift card to her store!! Score! Lisa and I met earlier this year at Blissdom. Not only is she amazingly beautiful, but she is sweet as a peach as well. She was … [Read more...]

The cutest rhinestone butterfly bag you ever did see

Check out this adorable butterfly bag I made for my daughter! Silhouette has a fun new product and I.Am.In.Lurve. RHINESTONES! The first thing I did was go to the Silhouette store (from your software installed on your computer) and I downloaded this butterfly template. Then I cut it out on the special Rhinestone Template Material my kit came with. The kit also comes with these rhinestones: Next, I began the tedious process of inserting each rhinestone into the appropriate hole. It wasn't hard, it just took a lot of patience. Then again, I chose probably THE … [Read more...]