updating a topiary for a dollar

Exhibit A:


Apple topiary. Cute from the waist up, but not so cute pot.

It’s all glued together though. What to do?

Exhibit B:


99 cent planter from IKEA.

I put the old pot inside the new one. It fit perfectly and now my apple topiary is cute from head to toe.

No cutting, no gluing, no disassembling.


I love cheap easy fixes.


I just got slapped by Captain Obvious

Do you ever have moments where you are just like,

“Dur! Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. It just seems so obvious.”


Well, unfortunately for Mrs Oblivious over here, I have these moments all.the.time.

Que Captain Obvious here.


Three bunches of leaves stuck in a round floral foam thing.

Why oh why have I never even thought of this?

Do you realize how many times I’ve put ivy and plants above my cabinets and bent them all over the place to get them to stay in a certain position?

More times than I’d like to admit, thankyouverymuch.

I found this pre-made floral bunch at Goodwill. The second I saw it, I was like, “OMG wow, could there even be a more obvious solution?”

Five seconds later (the amount of time it took to drag a chair over and climb on the counter)…


… I have perfectly positioned bunches of leaves.

Sometimes I wonder how I even manage to function in this world walking around with my head in a bubble.

Living in my own oblivious universe is fun and all, but I sure feel like a dope sometimes.

Installing a paper towel rack under a cabinet

Yes, I’m writing a post about installing a paper towel rack under the cabinet.

No, I haven’t run out of things to blog about so I’m blogging about mundane chores around the house. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is actually useful to know!


Would you believe my own mother hasn’t done this yet because she needs her handy-man husband to do it for her?

Say wha?? Handy-man husband???


Girls, pull up your big girl panties! You can do these things!!

I’m here to show you how easy it is to install a paper towel rack. It really is. You can do it yourself. Trust me. (Famous last words…)

Okay, so first off, buy a paper towel rack.


I bought this one at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. It was $12.99 but I used a 20% off coupon. If you don’t have one, wait like two days and you’ll probably get one in the mail.

You can use any type of paper towel rack. It doesn’t have to be this particular one. I’ve seen plastic ones at Wally World for like a buck, but I got this one because it looked a little nicer and it probably won’t break over the next 15 years.

Okay, so I’m sure this kit came with directions, but I threw them away. I know better than any directions. Ha! I can do it myself. (Famous last words…)

(No, seriously, you should probably read the directions first. Anything I tell you is my personal opinion and I’m not liable if you ruin your cabinet or cut off your finger.)

Okay, anyway, where were we? Oh ya, I’m suppose to be starting the tutorial. Man I’m chatty today.

I didn’t take a picture of step one because I don’t have 3 hands (one to hold the pencil, one to hold the paper towel rack, and one to take a picture), but basically hold the rack under the counter where you want to hang it and color in the screw holes with a pencil. Make sure you leave enough room at the back of the cabinet for the paper towels to actually fit and not get smashed by the wall.

Once you’ve got two little pencil holes, set the rack down and pick up your drill. Yes, I said drill. Stay with me here. You can do this.

Put a small drill bit on the end of it. I don’t know what size I used, but I picked one that was pretty tiny. At the least MAKE SURE it is SMALLER than the screw you are going to use!

Drill a small hole on each of the pencil markings.


Now that you have two little drilled pilot holes take your drill bit off your drill and swap it out for a phillips head screwdriver (the one that is pluss-ey. You know, it looks like a plus sign? + + +).

Put your rack back on the cabinet and line up the holes on the rack with the holes you just drilled. They should line up. If not, um, didn’t you drill on the pencil markings?

Drill the screws that the rack came with into the holes on the rack.


OMG we are done! Srsly. It was that easy.


I swear it took longer to write this tutorial then it took me to actually install the paper towel rack.


Wow, what a beauty. This looks so freaking amazing I should call it ‘art’.


Just look at how that bad boy hangs there (that’s what she said).

And whatdya’ know, the paper towels don’t scrape on the wall. Man I’m good at eye-balling stuff.


If you are nervous about eye-balling it, use a ruler. There is nothing wrong with admitting defeat and busting out the ruler.

And never forget:


You are freaking awesome and you can do it!

I like to say that I don’t need my man, I want my man. I think wanting him around is so much better than needing him around.

What do you think, Ben? How does it feel to not be needed? Wait. That didn’t sound right. Er, I mean…

I better stop digging now. It’s only getting worse.

(Famous last words…)

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