DIY vinyl Baking Labels for your pantry

I made some cute baking labels for my pantry with my Silhouette CAMEO: I bought these ho-hum plastic containers for all my baking stuff. They are practical, yet boring. Plus I keep getting my sugar and splenda mixed up. I purchased them from my local grocery store (HEB). They are Rubbermaid brand. Buy them here! I wanted to make 'em all purty with some labels to stop confusing me while in a baking trance, so I busted out the CAMEO and some premium black vinyl and had these cute labels cut out in a jiffy. To make the labels, first measure your area you want your … [Read more...]

Mini cookie cutouts – fun way to bake with your kids

I'm popping in to share a really quick fun baking craft I did with Kinsey a few weeks ago. Kinsey LOVES to bake. Her favorite are Chocolate Chip Cookies (I use the recipe on the back of the Nestle Toll House semi-sweet chocolate chips bag). We decided it would be fun to get creative with the cookies and make little shapes from them. Have you ever tried to use cookie cutters on Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough? They do not hold their shape when you bake them and turn into a mess. So we baked a cookie bar instead! We just put the entire bowl of dough onto a cookie sheet (bar pan - I … [Read more...]

Rock Your Recipes party this Friday!

Have you noticed my new button in my sidebar? House of Hepworths is hosting a monthly recipe link up party! On the first Friday of each month I will share a recipe with you. At the bottom of my recipe post I'll add a link party so that you can share recipes as well! Pumpkin Cookies with Cream Cheese frosting I like to add a recipe here and there at House of Hepworths, but I wanted to make it more fun to share recipes with you guys. Apple Pie low-cal Style I decided if I had a set day for my recipe post then I could turn it into a party so that you can share your … [Read more...]