Ben’s office 4-month progress report

Ben's office is usually such a wreck that it's hard for me to share it with you guys. However, we recently painted the room and it somehow got clean/organized enough that I could snap a few pictures. Come on in and check it out so far... The day we closed on the house a little over 4 months ago, the room looked like this: Neon green walls, sheer neon green curtains, cream baseboards, worn carpet... The first thing I did was rip out the carpet and spray all the baseboards with a paint sprayer. You can read about that here. When the carpet guys were putting in all new … [Read more...]

That’s it. I’m moving out.

Do you remember that time I switched my office and my guest room (3 months ago)?    1st photo: old office. 2nd photo: new office Ben and I outgrew our office space, so we flipped the office and guest room. We figured almost double the square footage should be enough to contain the both of us. Well, after 3 months in our new shared office, we underestimated ourselves. We are the King and Queen of complete and total chaos. I mean, look LOOK at this mess! I know. It's awful. It's disgraceful. It's flat-out embarrassing. In our defense, Ben recently got a new … [Read more...]

Quest for cuter glitter {presentation is everything, right?}

When I shared my office filp-flop with you a few weeks ago, I showed off my cute glitter collection and storage basket. Truth be told, I don't really use glitter all that often, but I do love looking at baskets of pretty glitter. :) Well, there was one two things that stuck out like a big ol' fat sore thumb; those honkin' big containers of sparkly white glitter. I knew on my eternal quest for absolute cuteness that I could do so much better than those big eye sores. And a quick trip to my local Dollar Tree proved just the solution. The dollar store has these fun big sugar … [Read more...]

flippin’ sweet (flipping the office and guest room)

The past few days have been cra-aaaaa-zy around here. I'm so sore and tired. My joints are aching. Wanna know why? Well, too bad, I'm telling you anyway. :) Besides deciding to start a rigorous running program (I'm serious, don't laugh!) Ben and I spent the last few days flip-flopping the office and the guest room. For a point of reference, here's our floor plan with each room marked. Before the ol' flip-a-roonie, the office was "bedroom 5" and the guest room was "bedroom 4".    Before we started, our office (bedroom 5) looked like this: Okay, okay, that's … [Read more...]

THE actual real-for-real House of Hepworths (for realz)

Hey you guys! I have a little treat for you today! Well, okay, it's probably not that cool, but it's a treat for me at least! I have wanted a floor plan of my house for a year now. I've scoured the internet looking for it and it's nowhere to be found! I tried to draw one using one of those free floor plan services. Ha! It looked worse than a kindergartner's drawings. Well, I mentioned to one of my friends down the street that I wanted a floor plan (this house was built almost 6 years ago) and to my complete shock and elation she whipped out a floor plan for me! Turns out she and … [Read more...]

A year already? Shut the front door.

Like, oh mah goshhh. Can you believe We've officially lived in this house for a year now?! Where on earth has the time gone? In some ways I feel like we haven't done anything to the house, but when I actually look back at my archives I'm shocked at how much we've accomplished around the 'hood. I swear, I'm not planning on boring you to tears or anything. I just want to show everyone how far this little house has come in exactly one year of us moving in. Outside: We haven't done much with the outside of the house, but even still, it looks better than it did last year. We've … [Read more...]

Tweekin the office with a new {Free} hand-made cork board

Hi Friends! First off, thanks for voting for Lindsay. I have THE BEST readers. Srsly. You guys are amazing. I've been hanging moulding I'm so excited to show you, but I'm going to keep you in suspense just a little longer; mainly because I'm too lazy to unload the camera at the moment. Bawahahaha. I swear though, a serious moulding post in coming. I pinkie swear. My office is a train wreck. It really needs an entire overhaul. Last time I showed you, it looked like this: I've since moved the shelf on the desk to the top of the file cabinet. I'm in no … [Read more...]