Ben’s office 4-month progress report

Ben’s office is usually such a wreck that it’s hard for me to share it with you guys. However, we recently painted the room and it somehow got clean/organized enough that I could snap a few pictures. Come on in and check it out so far…

The day we closed on the house a little over 4 months ago, the room looked like this:

Neon green walls, sheer neon green curtains, cream baseboards, worn carpet…

The first thing I did was rip out the carpet and spray all the baseboards with a paint sprayer. You can read about that here.

When the carpet guys were putting in all new carpet we had them put vinyl flooring in Ben’s office. Ben insisted on not having carpet in there, and 4 months later, we are still very happy with the vinyl.

Here’s the office about two weeks after moving in. We didn’t have time to paint any walls before moving in, hence the neon green walls!

It seems like it takes us months of shifting things around after moving before we finally find the perfect home for all of our stuff. We purchased 4 of these big metal garage shelves for our previous home, but our new home has built-in shelving in the garage so now we are left with these 4 shelves. While we save cash to buy new furniture for the office, we figured we might as well use these garage shelves in here for storage.

Ben works from home about 30% of the time (he use to work from home 100% of the time, but now he goes into an office most days) and really needs his own private office at home. When he’s home working he is on conference calls a good portion of the day so I can’t share a room with him (plus he’s too messy for me to want to share).

First, we ripped all the built-ins out of the closet. After patching up the 50,000 holes, we painted the closet (and the room) Accessible Beige from Sherwin Williams 2015 Cardiff search engine optimisation winner Red Lion Design.

After measuring first, we realized we can fit two of the garage shelving units in the closet almost perfectly. Ben scooted the first one into place, and then got stuck.

I had a lot of fun laughing at and taking pictures of him at his expense.

We had to scoot the shelf back out a little, then he climbed out and we put the shelf back in place. After that we wedged the 2nd shelf into place. A perfect fit! Now he has ample storage for all of his work equipment.

During our painting and shifting crap around mode, we painted all the walls and gave the ceiling a fresh coat of Alabaster (in flat) from Sherwin Williams. I love bright white flat-finish on the ceilings.

In case you are wondering what the heck Ben has all this random equipment for, he’s a secret spy and uses it to tap peoples houses. Just kidding… he works for a big cable company and is on their team implementing a brand new security and home automation product line. He has to test the security equipment all the time, so in addition to our house being wired to the hilt (including fun things like glass-break detectors, motion sensors, and live-feed cameras), he also has several additional security testing systems in his office. He’s on the software side but uses the hardware to test changes they make.

The big change/addition we made to Ben’s office is his very own small weight room corner. He loves working out and is into Body for Life. He blogs sporadically about his fitness on his blog and has a pretty impressive before-and-after picture you should check out.

He purchased the bench on Craigslist and the floor mats, weights, and weight racks from Academy.

The little workout area isn’t totally finished yet though. We need to get a big mirror to attach to the wall. For now he has a box and a chair holding up two dressing mirrors. Pretty lame, but it works temporarily.

One final cutesy thing I did to help the room feel a little more comfy (until we can really put the time and money into the room to make it look amazing) is create a little gallery wall. He has this big boring whiteboard that he uses all the time, so I added some meaningful art around it.

I hung up his diploma, two name plates from previous jobs he’s had, a photo of him and the chicklets, and two pieces of kid art they made for him. I really love the kid art and daddy/kids photo. I’d much rather have memories on my walls than the perfect expensive art piece. It also makes the kids feel good when we actually display the little art projects they’ve made for us.

That’s the 4 month progress report. It’s come a long way! We still have a lot to do (replace the ceiling fan, hang new blinds, reattach the window sill that fell off…) but at least the place is more soothing thanks to a neutral greige paint job.

Before and after:

One last before and after:


That’s it. I’m moving out.

Do you remember that time I switched my office and my guest room (3 months ago)?

1st photo: old office. 2nd photo: new office

Ben and I outgrew our office space, so we flipped the office and guest room. We figured almost double the square footage should be enough to contain the both of us.

Well, after 3 months in our new shared office, we underestimated ourselves.

We are the King and Queen of complete and total chaos. I mean, look LOOK at this mess!


I know. It’s awful. It’s disgraceful. It’s flat-out embarrassing.

In our defense, Ben recently got a new job allowing him to work from home every day.

We didn’t know about this new job when we moved offices, otherwise we would probably have given him his own office in the first place.


Obviously this “shared office” situation is NOT working for us.

So I decided it was high time for me to move out.

I mean, seriously. How creative can one be in this chaos?

I can’t even get a chair in there.


After a few weeks of threatening, I finally have started moving out of our shared office.

And guess where I’m moving?

Right back into the “old” office/current guest room.


I’m pretty sure this is like the 25th time I’ve carried loads and loads of laundry baskets full of decor and craft supplies up and down the stairs. Maybe this time will stick.


The guest room is a total bore fest right now. Gross color on the walls. Unattractive bedding and furniture (we are “borrowing” the bed, bedding, and dresser from my brother-in-law while he doesn’t need it).

Since the big move-out, the guest room has been looking a lot more like this the past week though:


This room has turned into the downstairs catch-all including furniture of K’s that I’m trying to sell.

MY LIFE IS TOTAL CHAOS. It is driving me bonkers!

Okay, whew that was a whole lotta back-story to get to this big finale…

Step one of the big
“Move Allison’s office {again}, this time back to her previous office/current guest room”
hoopla is to transform this closet in the guest room:..


…into a closet with shelving. I can’t move loads of crap if I have nowhere to put it all.

After two full days of buying, cutting, priming, nailing, and painting sheets of MDF, I now have a nice big storage closet:


Pretty great, hua?

See that space to the left of the open closet door? That area will eventually have a built in desk with cabinets above – the perfect place for me to work, craft, and do “officey” things like sharpen pencils, store sharpies, and write thank-you notes.

But for now, the past few days I’ve been building me some shelves.


And now I get to do the back-breaking labor of carrying all that crap back downstairs again for the 75th time.

But at least I’ve got some great shelves to store it all on.

I will give you a play-by-play tutorial soon (hopefully tomorrow if I can get it written) about building the shelves so you can build some too if you want.

One more time –

Before & Currently:
guest_mess_hoh_2  guest_shelves_hoh_1

I hope I can bang out a few posts tonight and tomorrow. I’ve gotten so much done around here! I haven’t even had a free second to tell you about it.

Happy Friday everyone!

Here’s the tutorial for installing the shelves in the closet.


Quest for cuter glitter {presentation is everything, right?}

When I shared my office filp-flop with you a few weeks ago, I showed off my cute glitter collection and storage basket.

Truth be told, I don’t really use glitter all that often, but I do love looking at baskets of pretty glitter. :)

Well, there was one two things that stuck out like a big ol’ fat sore thumb; those honkin’ big containers of sparkly white glitter.

I knew on my eternal quest for absolute cuteness that I could do so much better than those big eye sores. And a quick trip to my local Dollar Tree proved just the solution.


The dollar store has these fun big sugar shaker jars that I’ve been eying forever, but never could think of an excuse to buy them. Well, my glitter dilemma was just the excuse I needed!

(I also recently saw these sugar shakers at my local grocery store as well for just under $2 each).


Transplanting the glitter to its new home was as easy as removing both lids and pouring the glitter into the new container. Rocket Science right here folks.


I’d say my quest for cuteness was a success on the glitter front.


Yes, there are starving people and world wars to worry about, but I’m wasting my days pouring glitter from one jar to the next. (I obviously have too much time on my hands.)


But seriously, can a basket full of glitter be any cuter? I think not.


And now with Christmas hot on my heels, I think this glitter may actually get some use this month.

Before and after:

Trust me, there’s a cute solution for almost any problem; and the dollar store’s generally the answer.

I may not be the craftiest person on the planet, but darn it, my glitter basket looks cute.

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