Recaps, Famous People, and Reality TV

Well, my friends, I am FINALLY back from my oh-too-long vacay. For your and my sanity, I swear I'll never leave for that long ever again! Let's get down to bid-ness... First off, I just have to give a huge thanks to all the Guest Bloggers that posted here over the last month. Weren't they all just fab?!! Honestly, I'm now following quite a few of them myself! Also, if you are just dying to get a recap of our vacation, I made FIFTEEN posts about my vacation while we were on the road. Check all of them out here. I tried to add some humor to each post as not to bore you to sleep. One … [Read more...]

Goodbye past, hello future!

It's time to retire the ol' blog layout, header, & buttons. I've loved every second of the orangie blog. It's where this blog came from. It's my roots. But as they say, "It's time to grow the hell up!" You may have noticed I removed the original header a few weeks ago & put up a basic temporary one. And now I've finally gone and changed the whole darn layout. Here's the very first button I ever made: I want to be embarrassed by it, but it just reminds me of my first days living in Los Angeles when I was bored and depressed and missing Texas. I created a blog to … [Read more...]

Life is Good; 600 Google Friends

I've been blogging a little over five months. It seems like forever and it seems like I just started yesterday. I have just reached 600 Google Friends. Yes, you read that right. 600! I am just in shock and so completely thrilled at the same time. I am so happy that there are so many people that enjoy reading my blog. I'm so thrilled that I get several thousand page views a day. Pinch me please. Blogging life has been good to me. And I want to thank you. Thank you for all the kind words of encouragement. All the emails and notes that you have sent my way. … [Read more...]

Give your windows special treatment

Today I'm going to just show you curtains from a model home that I have fallen in love with and want to copy. This house is my #1 inspiration. I get inspiration from many places, and I have hundreds of inspiration pictures filed away on my desktop, but for now, here are the windows my windows want to be when my house finally grows up. ;) Here's the family room in the model home. In addition to loving the valance and curtains, I just love how they've decorated the room and this is my inspiration picture for my family room (which I'm sure I'll be working on for years). I love how … [Read more...]

We found a house! (maybe)

After 4 days of torture looking for a house, we found one! Yes, I know, I'm as shocked as you!! We put in an offer. They countered. We accepted. Pray it actually goes through! If all goes well, I might actually have a place to call home by the end of July! I can't wait to move in and start decorating. Yay. … [Read more...]

Another use for Wheatgrass… Silly face grass hair

What do you get when you combine a goofy picture of your kid with a bunch of Wheatgrass seeds? Best.Homemade.Gift.Eveh. My daughter's class made these for the school Open House last week. Just picture 18 of these crazy-haired kids making faces at you as you walk into the classroom. I sure love this crazy kid. Just had to share. Carry on. :) … [Read more...]


...and packing... ...and more packing... ...and stacking and organizing... ...and way too many half-packed boxes piled up. We are getting ready to leave sunny California... ...and are headed to hot Texas! In two weeks we'll be loading up the U-haul trailer and taking the two day drive from Los Angeles to Dallas. From there we'll pick up the rest of our stuff and move it all to Austin. Hopefully the house we've put an offer on will work out and we can move in quickly. We might be homeless for awhile this summer. I hope my blog can survive … [Read more...]