Since everyone else is blogging about their Advent Calendars…

To help kick off the countdown to Chrsitmas, I’m going to show you the advent calendars we got for the kids.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

“Oh yesssss! The moment I’ve been waiting for! I can’t wait to see the awesome crafty dollar store creation that Allison has come up with for counting down the days to Christmas.”

I have seen some CA-UTE Advent Calendars this year. I mean, stinkin’ adorable.


Not so much.

Believe it or not, I am quite un-crafty and LAZY when it comes to certain things… Advent Calendars, decorating for parties, tablescapes… ya, I pretty much don’t even bother.

So, in honor of the start of this festive holiday season, here are the Advent Calendars my children have been graced with.


Oh yes, my friends, I got real creative and crafty this year with the ol’ Lego Advent Calendar.

Thank goodness I’ve only got two kids, or I would break the bank on these suckers.

They are SOLD OUT, so if you want to order one and start doubling up the days by the time you actually get it in the mail, you can get them at Amazon, but it will cost you an arm and a leg. And maybe a kidney.

{My husband was fortunate enough to get them at regular price, which still cost an arm.}


Setting sarcastic aside for about 3 seconds, this is actually a family tradition that we started awhile back, and my kids just LOVE making all these little Lego gifts each day. I’m usually a total cheap-wad only-will-pay-for-it-on-clearance gal, but we’ve decided that this is a tradition we’ll gladly spend the money on. Gotta pick and choose these things.

So, um, ya, I’m not as crazy crafty all.the.time. as you think.

And totally OT here, but I didn’t even know what an Advent Calendar was until I was well into my 20s. I never had one growing up.

If you choose to forgo the Advent Calendar tradition all together, your children won’t be scarred for life. At least I wasn’t.

But I sure felt stoopid the first time I heard someone say “Advent Calendar” and I said, “What is that?” (and I was like 25).

And just last month I felt even more stoopid when my neighbor complained about all the feral cats in the neighborhood and I said, “What’s a feril cat?” (And I’m 30).

Happy Holiday Countdown!

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