Installing a paper towel rack under a cabinet

Yes, I'm writing a post about installing a paper towel rack under the cabinet. No, I haven't run out of things to blog about so I'm blogging about mundane chores around the house. ;) This is actually useful to know! Would you believe my own mother hasn't done this yet because she needs her handy-man husband to do it for her? Say wha?? Handy-man husband??? Girls, pull up your big girl panties! You can do these things!! I'm here to show you how easy it is to install a paper towel rack. It really is. You can do it yourself. Trust me. (Famous last words...) Okay, … [Read more...]

make your own storage boxes

Many of you know I just moved into my house. And with a new move comes lots of additional expenses including all the accessories you need just to get settled - drawers, baskets, organizers, etc. I've waaay over spent lately on trying to get this house livable (and not even decorated!). I wanted some open storage boxes for the shelves in my garage but I just am sick of spending money! So I improvised. And I'm happy to say that I'm actually quite happy with the outcome and plan on making at least 4 more storage boxes. What do you end up with that's free when you move and … [Read more...]

A mini closet makeover

Do you remember when my ceiling flooded and I had to tear out the sheetrock and replace it with new sheetrock? Last month I ended my post with my sheetrock looking like this: Unfortunately this is NOT a follow up tutorial for how to finish installing sheetrock (aka texturing it to look like the rest of the ceiling). Nope my friends, I STILL have not finished the patch job. It still looks like it did a month ago. However, when I was patching the hole and ended up with the above result, the reson I never finished the job is because I got totally sidetracked on a different … [Read more...]

Spicing up the pantry

I picked a cabinet for all my spices and cooking stuff... It sat like this for exactly 5 days before I couldn't even take it anymore! (And I hadn't even baked anything yet!) YIKES! What a disaster! I am OCD when it comes to being organized, so obviously this train wreck was not going to work for me. I headed over to the Home Depot and bought this awesome organizer. I cringed and looked away as they rang it up (almost $40!) but I know it is so worth the investment. You can see the mess in the cabinet where I previously had all my spices. Obviously I didn't … [Read more...]

The Stairs

I tend to get focused on one thing and then obsess about it non-stop. It's all I can think about all day and night until I finally tackle whatever it is I'm obsessing about. Right now, it's THE STAIRS. I know I won't get around to this HUGE project any time soon, but it's fun to dream! Here's my big dream that one day I'll get around to doing... Here are the stairs at my new house: (They are nice and have absolutely nothing wrong with them. I just like other stairs better.) And here is what I want to do to my stairs... Absah-freaking-lootly beautiful. I … [Read more...]

New life for an old shelf

So... I got a new shelf. So cute, right?! I know!! I got it at a certain over-priced thrift store that I'm refusing to name anymore because I think they are way too overpriced considering all their stuff is DONATED to begin with. So I'm not giving them any more props on my site until they stop charging premium prices for crap people didn't want anymore and gave to them... So I got this shelf for $14.99 at previously un-named thrift store. However, it originally came from The Great Indoors for $39.99, so I suppose I got a decent deal. I'm sure I would have paid like $5 … [Read more...]

Removing Cabinets & a Wall

Do you remember waaaay back when I showed you this picture? It's from a post I made about three and a half weeks ago (hey, that is a reeeeally long time in blog time!) called "OMG OMG OMG I'm dying peeps!". (Wasn't I so cute back then? Boy how time flies...) Well, as previously promised I'm ready to show you the money. Here's the start to finish of this messy project. When we bought the house it looked like this: Gross right? This house is SO 80's. And I'm so over the 80's. Besides ripping out all that horrible paneling and the brown crown molding (don't flame! I … [Read more...]