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Don’t waste your wax

I LOVE candles. Big fat huge puffy heart {LOVE} candles. My favorite scent in the entire world is Sandlewood Vanilla from Bath and Body Works. But I also love the cinnamonony ones that smell like Fall and Christmas. Yummy! My favorite type of candle to buy are the 3-wick ones from Bath and Body Works. I don't like cheap crappy candles. Yankee or Bath and Body Works all the way, baby! (I love the plug-ins too!) When I've burned all I can burn of my candle, and the wicks are gone, there's still some yummy smelling wax goodness at the bottom of the jar. I don't want to … [Read more...]

On Target for Christmas this year

I'm in full-blown Christmas mode here at the Hepworth house!    Target has the hook-up this year, yo! If you want to decorate for Christmas on a budget, Target has packages of plastic ornaments in their Dollar Spot!!! They come in 3 different sizes and a variety of shiny and glittery balls. The colors are great! I purchased several packages and have gone to town decorating everything but the kitchen sink with these ornaments! I filled some large vases. And some small ones. And my versatile tray even looks better with some bling on … [Read more...]

Pinecone framed artwork

I finally get to use my pinecones I've been saving since March! For this project I used the mini pinecones, not the jumbo ones, but don't worry! I've got some jumbo pinecone crafts in the works! Yippie! First, I found a frame in my stash of extra stuff I'm not using. I love that this one is square. Next I grabbed all my mini pinecones. I patiently sat there and hot glued each pinecone directly onto the glass of the frame. It was actually really easy and took me about 10 or 15 minutes. I love that you can see through the frame. And here's the back … [Read more...]

Submit your posts!

I REALLY WANT to feature YOU! It's almost time for my 2nd Share.Inspire.Create! If you have ever made any craft, baked any food, or painted anything based off of any tutorial I've ever posted on my blog, please let me know! If you don't have a blog or haven't posted your craft, email me your photos and I'll feature you. If you've made a blog post about it, email me the link and I'll even link back to your blog for you. Even if you did your post or craft months ago, I still want to know about it. I'll feature posts from months ago. I just need to know they … [Read more...]

Piano room phase 3 – finishing the box moulding

The past week I've been working on updating my piano room. The goal is to go from this: To something like this: I started my room makeover by priming the walls here and then I hung all the moulding here. The room is {finally} basically done - ie: the "bones" of the room are pretty much finished. I've got a few little things left to do, but the hard part is over and now I get to focus on decorating! So, how did the room turn out you ask?! I think it turned out better than my crappy GIMP drawing at least! Here's a side-by-side comparison. … [Read more...]

Hookin up with HoH #25

Are you ready to hook up your projects? Last weeks party was a smashing success with tons of great ideas! Even if you don't have anything to link up, the link party is a great way to quickly find hundreds of great ideas. *Please note: I will not be having a link party next week due to Thanksgiving. Enjoy a few of my favorites from last week before you link up your new ideas: House Revivals made beautiful snowflakes from a book. 4 leaf clever made this adorable frame. I love these map magnets Let Birds Fly created. It's The Little Things has such a … [Read more...]

I just got slapped by Captain Obvious

Do you ever have moments where you are just like, "Dur! Wow, I can't believe I didn't think of that. It just seems so obvious." Well, unfortunately for Mrs Oblivious over here, I have these moments all.the.time. Que Captain Obvious here. Three bunches of leaves stuck in a round floral foam thing. Why oh why have I never even thought of this? Do you realize how many times I've put ivy and plants above my cabinets and bent them all over the place to get them to stay in a certain position? More times than I'd like to admit, thankyouverymuch. I found this pre-made … [Read more...]