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The anti-resolution list

Let's talk resolutions. You know, the big list you make once a year... the infamous New Years Resolutions. I'm not doing it. I refuse to sit down and make a check list of things I should do this year. I mean, seriously! I forget my resolutions list within the first 3 days of making one, so what's the point?! But just for grins and giggles, what resolutions do most people put on their list? What would I put on my list if I actually made one? The very first thing that comes to mind: Lose Weight. Ya, we all want to lose weight. I've been on a "diet" since I was … [Read more...]

Hookin Up with HoH #30

* If you host a LINK PARTY please add it to my new link party list! Yay!* If you missed last weeks party, you can see it at Hookin' Up with HoH #29! You guys seriously never disappoint! I'm grateful so many peeps want to link up their projects! I also hope that these parties are beneficial to all the readers out there looking for inspiration! Here are a handful of projects that I thought were especially awesome. Home Hinges painted an old desk and made it beautiful! Turley Times gives a great tut on how to makes these yummy mulling spice bags to use in a … [Read more...]

Room Re-do’s 2010

* Hookin' Up with HoH will be posted tonight, but not at 8pm CST like usual. It will be up by 9:30pm CST. * Lettered Cottage (love her!) is having a link party called A Few of My Favorite: Room Re-Do's 2010 I've compiled all the room overhauls I've done this past year for you to enjoy in one easy to find location ('cause I'm nice like that. And 'cause I want to link it to Layla's awesome party!) Most of my renovation posts are from our previous home (now on the market if you want a home in Dallas, Tx!). Here are all our Duncan Drive home renos: Master Bathroom renovation … [Read more...]

Swapping yellow for white light

Light bulbs. Yes, I'm going to talk about light bulbs. This house is loaded with the cheapest bulbs on the planet. They all put off this yellow florescent light that gives me a headache. I don't know about you, but I need light. Lots of light. If I don't have enough light during the day I get depressed. And I hate being depressed. My mission is to replace the bulbs with brighter whiter light bulbs. I'm sure I should be buying the energy efficient ones that last like 25 years, but they aren't white enough. And they take too long to light up. When I flip the switch I … [Read more...]

adding moulding to rounded corners

In November I added moulding and paint to my piano room. One of the things I did in this room was added moulding around the windows. It's easy enough to add moulding around windows, but I had a unique situation that caused quite a bit of drama for me. All the corners in our house have rounded edges. If you look at the wall leaving the piano room and entering the foyer, you can see another rounded corner. As you can see, when the moulding was hung it left a gaping gap between the moulding and the wall. I knew before I hung the moulding that this would be an … [Read more...]

Organizing all the paper chaos

I HATE paperwork. I hate sorting junk mail. I hate remembering to pay bills. I hate keeping track of it all. I love my childrens cute artwork they bring home from school, but I swear it multiplies over night like rabbits! I was blog reading the other day and saw this post by A Bowl Full of Lemons. I get tons of great ideas on blogs, but usually they stay that way - as ideas. But not this post. I literally dropped what I was doing (reading blogs) and went to the office and collected my supplies. A Bowl Full of Lemons mobile command center is way cuter than mine, but I … [Read more...]

(Not so) quick Christmas recap

(Pssst... Will you take 2 seconds and click on this link at Picket Fence Blogs to vote for me?! Just by clicking I will receive one vote. Thanks!! xoxo) Well, the big day finally arrived and went off without a hitch! The kids avoided the naughty list and were visited by Santa himself and his messy reindeer. The reindeer loved the reindeer food the kids left out for them (oatmeal mixed with sprinkles and glitter) but they made a huge mess! Santa also enjoyed the plate of cookies left for him. I tortured the kids this year and made them pose for tons of pictures. They … [Read more...]