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Selecting the right countertop material for our family

Last time I posted was to show you the new granite counters we just had installed. As promised, I'm back to take you through the process of picking out the countertops. There are lots of countertop choices out there to pick from. We narrowed down our choices quickly because we wanted a countertop that didn't require much maintenance. That immediately knocked laminate and marble off the list. We wanted a light color so we nixed soapstone pretty quickly too. We were left with four main viable options to choose from: granite, solid surface, quartz, and concrete. Concrete was nixed … [Read more...]

We have counters!

You guys, we have counters!! I can finally start to use the kitchen again. At the end of the day we opted for granite over any of our other options (there are a million countertop options available and I will break down our granite decision for you in the next post). Let's just get right down to business and talk about the stone! The granite we selected is called American Ornamental. Pretty much my only requirement when selecting a slab of granite is that it had to be as light as possible. This was literally the lightest color slab of granite in the entire stone yard. I wanted something … [Read more...]

The Lazy Susan Situation

Last week I showed you the new cabinets. We love LOVE them and are so thrilled with how nice they turned out. As with any custom job though, there have been a few hiccups here and there. One of the biggest hiccups that brought the renovation to a halt was the Lazy Susan situation. We have a Lazy Susan cabinet tucked in the corner behind the left pull-out spice drawer. We didn't have a Lazy Susan in our previous cabinets and I really wanted one this go-round. After the cabinets were installed I took a look at my new Lazy Susan provided by the cabinet maker: It was a big … [Read more...]