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Hookin Up with HoH #51

Today is my birthday! Weeeeeee! I'm 31, yo, and as my 10 year old sister says, I better make the best of it because I've only "got 9 good years left!" Um, thanks?... Okay, so technically my birthday is June 1st, so most of you will be a day late and a dollar short. Just wish me a Happy Birthday and I'll forgive you. ;) So, are you ready to hook up your awesome posts?! I can't wait to see all the amazing projects you guys have been working on. Last week's links were the bomb-diggity-dog. Srsly, you kids one-up yourselves every week! Here are ten bloggers I just had to share … [Read more...]

Hangin’ Out w/ Kim @ Sand and Sisal

Each Friday all summer long I'm inviting blog friends over here to hang out with me and all of you! I love sharing favorite friends and blogs with all of my other friends. The more the merrier! Kim from is hanging out today with us. She is seriously such a fabulous decorator and crafter and I'm very happy to call her a friend. ***** Hi everyone! I’m Kim from Sand & Sisal: where love of home and sea meet, and I’m happy to be here at House of Hepworths this week. I’m a southern girl who lives by the sea and loves to share simple tutorials on DIY, decorating, garde … [Read more...]


Please see my Resume for a more updated list: From March 2010 - September 2010, HoH was featured on the following blogs. Due to ridiculous popularity, I'm no longer able to keep track of all the features.                                                      … [Read more...]