Why I plaster my logo on every photo.

Have you noticed that every photo I post on this blog has my logo plastered all over it?      There's actually a good reason I do it, and if you are blogging, you should be adding a logo or watermark to your pictures as well. Besides brand recognition, which I'll post about next week, the #1 main reason I add my logo to every photo I post on my blog is because of this: and this: Yup. My Soap Pump Makeover and my Cupcake Cones Tutorial. Are you totally confused? Let me elaborate. Both of these photos make me really sad, but the cupcake cone … [Read more...]

Mean comments; plus some bloging tips

Let's talk about Mean Comments. Source: etsy.com via Teresa on Pinterest There will be a time, one day when you are not expecting it, that you will receive a mean comment. No matter how well prepared you think you are, it will knock the wind out of you. It has the power to ruin your day, as well as damage your confidence. Source: gotbyouthblog.tumblr.com via Rebecca on Pinterest So, how do you deal with mean comments? I wish I knew the magic solution. I've got a great support system of people who love my blog, so when I get a mean comment I'll try to go back and read … [Read more...]