Terra Cotta Christmas Tree craft

Today I'm going to share how to make these adorable {and crafty!} Terra Cotta Pot Christmas Trees!    This tutorial will show how to make the 3-pot tall trees. To make the 4-pot tall tree, just add an additional larger pot to the bottom. First you'll need to gather your supplies... * 3" pot * TWO 4" pots * 6" pot * 6" saucer * Mod Podge or Elmer's glue * glitter * Spray Paint - Krylon Olive & Krylon Leather Brown * Primer (spray or paint) * Acrylic Paint - Americana Santa Red * red sequins First things first, you must prime your pots (boring, but necessary). … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree crafts galore! {showing off awesome bloggers}

Trees, Trees, Trees galore! My weekly link parties have been flooded with tons of awesome Christmas crafts, most of which are TREES! I thought it would be fun to do a few separate round-up posts of all things Christmas, starting with all things TREE. Here are several Tree crafts from Hookin' Up with HoH #76 & #77. (If you posted a tree and didn't get featured, it's probably because I overlooked your post accidentally. The BEST way to make sure you get featured in these random extra round-up posts is to make sure in the linky party you name your thumbnail exactly what your item is. … [Read more...]

pom-pom terra cotta christmas trees

Hey friends! Today I'm {finally} going to show you my 3rd and final Christmas Tree I made from terra cotta pots. This is the first one I showed you guys almost 3 weeks ago: And then a week later I showed you my favorite of the three - the silver Christmas Tree. Here are one and two together: The final tree I made is a pot larger than the other two. I just used an additional larger pot on the bottom to make it stand taller. (For complete instructions on how to make these pots, click HERE.) I wanted a fun tree that my kids could enjoy, so I used … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree vinyl gets framed

   Last week I showed you the adorable Christmas Tree vinyl Shelley sent me and asked for suggestions on how I should use it. Here's how Shelley used it: After thinking about it for a week, I finally decided that I really did like it framed. I went to my stash and found an empty 8x10 frame. But it wasn't really that cute or very Christmas-y, so I decided to give it a makeover! I gave it a good coat of spray paint primer and then finished it off with Krylon silver spray paint. I still wanted a little more oomph though. What do you think of when you … [Read more...]

National Lampoon-in’ it

In 1999 I was at the grocery store with my older sister, Natalie, about a week before Christmas. As luck would have it, they were giving away FREE Christmas Trees! Ben and I were poor college students at the time, so I jumped on this free tree offer. Natalie and I loaded the tree on top of her 1980-ish Pontiac Bonneville that she'd inherited from my grandparents. It looks sorta like this: I got some rope and tied the tree on top of her car and we left the store. After several errands she dropped me off at my car and I told her I'd come get the tree from her later. A week … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree from terra-cotta pots

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Ya, ya, I know, it's NOT EVEN TURKEY DAY YET! BUT, and that's a big fat BUT... Don't you want some Christmas crafts NOW so that you can make them for the entire Holiday Season? Ya, that's what I thought! You are welcome! Make an adorable Christmas Tree out of terra-cotta flower pots! (Isn't this just adorable?) Do you want to know how to make this? And I'm going to be extra super nice and include a cost break-down for you as well. Yippie! If I've peaked your interest and you want to make one, read on! This isn't a hard craft. You'll love … [Read more...]