New $99 rugs in the family and dining rooms

Last week I showed you our brand new kitchen.

You probably noticed a new rug in the dining room. I’m here to give you the low down.

I’ve been searching for a rug for the dining room and living room for awhile. I’ve mostly looked online, but haven’t pulled the trigger on anything for a few reasons: a) rugs are expensive!, b) there are way too many options to pick from and I just get overwhelmed and bored clicking through page after page of rugs, and c) I like to see stuff in person before I make a purchase.

I just happened to be at Sam’s Club with my sister and came across 6 different styles of 8×10 rugs for only $99 each. They had 4-5 styles in a beige tone and one bold royal blue style.

The price was more than right (only $99 for an 8×10 rug? I’ll take two!), but I got hung up on the color. I usually like to go neutral so that it never goes out of style, but I’ve got a lot of neutral going on already (brown floors, brown cabinets, brown table, brown sofa, tan walls, black coffee table and entertainment center), so I just threw caution to the wind and bought two of the royal blue rugs.

So glad I went with the blue. I just love the richness and warmth they bring into my home, and it’s enough color to really make a big impact.

The rugs are pretty darn soft and haven’t been shedding at all, but they are not padded, if that makes sense. They are basically like having apartment-grade carpet without a pad. I may end up purchasing some rug pads to go under for a little added squish.

I ended up buying two of the same rug because my living and dining area are so open. I like that they tie the two rooms together a little more.

That’s the dealio with the new rugs. They are huge 8×10 rugs for only $99 over at Sam’s Club. I’m usually a Costco shopper myself, but after going to Sam’s with my sister and seeing all their cool home decor, I may have to purchase a membership there as well.

Speaking of Sam’s and Costco… Are you a member of either? Which one? Neither? Why? Is it because you like one more than the other, or because it’s all your city offers?

We’ve always been a Costco family because I like buying stuff in bulk and because they do all the weeding out of crappy brands for me. I like that Costco offers one or two middle of the road options on pretty much any home-related product. They’ve done all the research for me and I’m confident that if I purchase a home-related product at Costco it will end up being a good, safe, middle-of-the-pack option. I know if I buy an appliance from them it is most likely a very good brand with a good rating. It saves me from having to wade through tons of product reviews to find the best product. Also, they have great produce, food, and snacks, and are starting to offer tons of great gluten-free and organic options.

Are you a warehouse shopper?


Finally! New paint in the family room.

Hey guys! I have missed you. After I posted about all our new doorknobs a few of you noticed I painted the family room. It is true! The family room is painted (but unfortunately, there are still no new light switches or plate covers, so bear with me).

The last image I left you with of our family room was this:

Brown walls with color blocking on them. I was trying to narrow down a paint color, but every time I thought I’d finally found the “one” I’d discover another new fabulous color while trolling pinterest; hence all the color blocks everywhere.

I’m happy to report after a few days and lots of knee trembling at the top of my ladder, the family room is now a light soothing shade of gray:

The official color is, bear with me here, “Ozark Shadows by Benjamin Moore, at 50%, color-matched to Sherwin Williams, satin finish, Super Paint”.

Seriously, I know how much you hate me right now. That name is such a huge pain for you if you want to copy it. I usually try to get a true Sherwin Williams color but I just loved this one so much that I bit the bullet and had it color-matched. And to add insult to injury, not only is it color color-matched from BM to SW, it’s also lightened by 50%. Sorry!

Oh I am loving this room so much more now. Finally, this house is slowly starting to feel like Hepworths actually live here, and we aren’t just squatting in someone else’s home.

I found this paint color while on pinterest from a blog called Amy’s Casablanca, and oh my word people, this is one of my new favorite blogs. Her taste in paint and moulding is pretty much exactly how I picture my house to look when it’s finished. I am just smitten. I just had to make sure I mentioned where the paint color originated from to give her full credit for this perfect gray.

As you can see (but probably don’t even remember), I removed one of the two orange/white chairs. It just seemed so cramped in there. Now it’s feeling a lot more open. Honestly, if I had it my way I’d scrap the sofa and both chairs and start over, but what we have is perfectly functional and not bad to look at, so we are opting to not spend money on new furniture right now (I’d rather have leather, but I’d also rather have a brand-new kitchen which I have already started planning in my mind).

After painting a swatch of this color over the brown on the wall I thought it still might be too dark, but now that the room is painted it feels very light and airy. I think the dark brown room was just really throwing off the swatches making them all feel too dark.

In addition to the family room getting a paint job, I also carried the paint into the foyer because the walls are all connected in here. I really love how much more “designer” the house is starting to look, even with just the wall color changed. (Still so much more to do before I can even attempt to call this house “designer”.)

I went to grab a “before” photo of the front door, and now win the “lame blogger of the year” award because apparently I don’t have a single photo of the front door. How does this happen? Well, I did manage to scrounge up this “before” photo of the entryway to give you an idea of what it use to look like. And yes, I have strategically cut out the kitchen and piano room from all photos because they are both a wreck!

I’ve blogged several times about the one little hallway this home has. So far I’ve painted it, painted the doors black, and installed new doorknobs. Here is a better view of the hallway in relation to the family room:

Don’t worry, that entryway to the hall is going to get a fab moulding treatment eventually. I’ve got big plans (if I can ever find time to execute said plans).

At the end of the hall is a foyer-type area with the kids’ bathroom, Ben’s office, and the game room. I just painted it yesterday so I thought I’d throw it in here at the end of the post to show you. It seemed too small a project to devote an entire post to it. I painted it the same color as the hallway – Sherwin Williams Stucco, satin finish, Super Paint. I finished painting all the trim when I painted the doors a few weeks ago.

And one more – standing in the kids bath looking towards the kitchen and family room, this is what you see. The door on the left is the game room, and the little corner ahead is where our family pet, R2D2 lives (good thing I just googled that because I almost called him C3PO. Oh the shame! I have brought shame on the entire Hepworth family. I’ll have to give little R2 a cookie for that one).

Here are some befores and afters of the family room. The befores are from after closing-date but before moving our stuff in.

From the front door:

From between the kitchen and the master bedroom:

Also, a quick side note, as you have probably noticed, I have been absent a lot lately. I don’t like it and I want to blog more. But I also feel like I have to give you big fat meaty posts with lots of photos, and that takes so much time. My kids keep me very busy, especially now that we have moved further from the city I have to drive a lot more, and I just haven’t had the time lately to a) actually complete big projects in a timely manner, and then b) sit down and devote 3-4 hours writing one post. So basically I’m saying that I am going to try to start blogging more frequently but they will probably be shorter updates with less photos. That way I can hop on, edit a few photos, give a quick update, and be done in an hour or so. Your thoughts? Do you prefer I blog less frequently and just throw tons at you, or do you like shorter posts with a quick update here and there (and maybe a longer meatier post a few times a month)? For example, I’ve been at this post now for almost 3 hours. Taking and editing photos is the biggest time sink, but actually writing the post takes a long time too.

Also, how do you feel about me branching out and blogging about other topics on occasion? Or inviting random guest posters on a set schedule? I appreciate your opinions and I really appreciate you hanging in there with me while I win “sucky blogger of the year” for being so spotty lately.


A family room update

Hey guys! I realized I haven’t updated you on the family room – where we spend the majority of our time – since we moved in.

Here’s what it looked like when we moved in:

I have spent 4 months moving chairs around and decrapifying all the piles of decor and frames that got dumped in there. Coming up with a chair configuration was making me a little insane. You can see from all the before pictures that I kept moving chairs in, then out, then swapping them, then changing their angle, etc.

In this photo from the house tour everything has been moved around again. It’s always so hard to get your furniture to fit properly in a new house. Sometimes it takes me several tries. (I have moved my office and craft stuff 5x times already.)

About a month ago I pulled down all the blinds in the family room. We left them up for a few months just to see if I would ever want to close them, but we realized we love the huge windows and all the light pouring in, so I took them down. Here’s a picture before removal.

My little DIYer-in-training helped take them down. He is almost 12 now and is quickly becoming a great little side-kick when I tackle projects. If it involves a screwdriver, or climbing a ladder, or using a power-tool, or better yet, doing anything that he thinks is out of the ordinary, he is all over it. His favorite? Any reason to get on the roof. Eek.

Removing the blinds made a huge difference. The windows now have cleaner lines, and even though it was only about 6-inches-tall worth of blinds, the light just seems to pour in so much more now.


Here is how the room currently looks:

I added a few new pieces of furniture, and then raided my accessories stash. I think just adding a coffee table, some decor, and a few pillows really takes a room from boring and unfinished looking to polished. And ps, yes, I realize the rug is ridiculously too small for the space. I’m workin’ on it!

Granted, I have loads of work to still do in here. As you have probably noticed by now, I am trying to pick a paint color for in here. Because of all the natural light, the colors look very different throughout the day. A color I thought I would love looks great at 10am but I hate it at 3pm. This is a tricky room! I am pretty sure I have chosen a color though, so now I need to start painting.

In addition to needing to paint the walls, I painted the back door black and the trim around the door a new coat of white. The black still needs a second coat so don’t look too closely. This picture was taken while standing in our piano room (it’s suppose to be a dining room but we are using it as a piano room).

Like I said, I purchased a few new pieces of furniture to give the room a more finished look (it still has a long way to go, but you know what I mean). I bought the bookshelf next to the tv, and the coffee table and side table from ikea. I quickly stuffed a bunch of chachkies and decor on the shelf, but it is in no way finished being “styled”.

And here’s one more of the family room, but from the opposite angle looking towards the front door and piano room. Do you spy my orange curtains? I temporarily tacked them up yesterday to see if I will like them in there (I do!) so once that room gets a fresh paint job I will permanently hang those curtains again. Did you think I would leave them at the old house? Heck no!

And just for fun, here are the official MLS photos of the family room. Isn’t it so crazy how two people can make a room look so different? I obviously have very different (and less formal) taste than the previous owners.

I love seeing the befores and afters next to each other so I don’t have to keep scrolling up and down, so here you go!

previous owner & currently:

before & after:

before & after:

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