How to change the plug on your dryer to accommodate a 3- or 4-prong outlet

Have you ever moved to a new house, gone to plug in your dryer, and CRAP! the plug doesn't fit? Most houses come with either a 3-prong or 4-prong outlet for your dryer. If you purchased a new dryer chances are the dryer didn't come with a power cord at all, and when you move houses you have a 50/50 chance that the current plug will work with whatever outlet your house comes with. So what are you supposed to do? Call an electrician for a pretty penny just to hook up a new power cord for you? It is one of the easiest DIYs out there. There is no reason you need to waste your hard earned … [Read more...]

Pocket Doors, Pantries, and Canned Good Storage

I know I'm like a broken record here, but yes, I am going to talk again about the kitchen renovation. It's like the renovation that keeps on giving and giving. ;) As you probably surmised by reading the title, I am showing you the two pocket doors we installed (love them!), our pantry makeover, and also sharing a cool storage solution I came up with for canned goods. Let's start with the pocket doors. I knew from the day we bought our house that I wanted to ditch two awkwardly placed doors and install pocket doors instead. I love Locksmiths Romford! Exhibit A: Awkward Door … [Read more...]

The laundry slash mudroom is almost done

You guys, I am so close to being done with the laundry room renovation. And I am giddy with excitement over how it's turning out. So. Much. More. Awesome. than I could have anticipated. We've been using the laundry room while it's in transition, and even with missing trim and much needed paint touch-ups, the room functions as a laundry-slash-mudroom perfectly. Definitely worth the hard work and time I've invested in it. I started a few weeks ago by showing you how to hang beadboard and how to turn ikea furniture into a mudroom locker system. Then I dove into showing you … [Read more...]

Laundry room phase 2 + how to run a vent pipe through a shelf

Oh boy am I tired today. Pooped out. In addition to finishing the laundry room, I've decided it would be the perfect time to have a huge garage sale this Friday. Yes, I am insane. I have no boundaries. {If you live anywhere near NW Austin and would like to stop by my garage sale, it will be this Friday at 7am. I am opening it up to friends/blog readers Thursday night from 9-9:30pm so you can shop/snoop early. Please email me for my address. I don't feel comfortable just posting it online.} Anyway, I am so tired. Between tackling this next chapter in the laundry room renovation … [Read more...]

Laundry Room face lift + How to install beadboard

My laundry room and I go way back. We've been through so much together: floods, venting issues, stacking and unstacking the washer and dryer. It seems I just can't make up my mind with the configuration of this poor room. It's plenty big enough to be both a mud room and a laundry room, yet it feels overwhelmingly suffocating at the same time. Several months ago I got sick of the current placement of the washer and dryer, so I bought a stacking kit and a bunch of new hoses and power cords. The appliances were then moved down the wall about 8' and stacked. One thing about … [Read more...]

Porch vent update & questions about decorating a porch

I'm back with another laundry room update. Last week I showed you how I fixed my leaky roof & roof dryer vent that was causing my laundry room to flood. Then I did a follow-up post showing how because of crappy duct work on the builder's part, we are now forced to vent our dryer through the window. The venting has worked great! The dryer runs for 15-20 minutes tops, and surprisingly the amount of lint in the filter in the dryer has gone way down as well. We have had one little problem though: It looks hideous from the street. Unfortunately (and fortunately!) our … [Read more...]

Safety, venting, & questions answered. A follow-up to the dryer vent situation.

Wow. Yesterday's post about cleaning out the dryer duct pipe and fixing a leaky vent on the roof sure sparked a whole lot of passion in you guys! I was a little hesitant to even post about the leaky issue because there weren't any pretty pictures to go along with it. I didn't want to bore you guys. I was pleasantly surprised when I got such a positive reaction about the post. Thank you! Now I know you guys really do like the down-and-dirty nitty gritty posts. In addition to all the positive feedback I received, I did get quite a few questions and comments - enough to warrant … [Read more...]