50 Holiday wreaths you don’t want to miss (Roundup)

When you think of pretty much any holiday, what decor item pops into your head? When I think of "holiday" I think, WREATHS! Every holiday has them. They adorn fireplace mantles, front doors, mirrors, and hallways. Adding a festive wreath instantly transforms your space. It's the quickest and easiest way to bring any holiday into your home. Christmas wreaths are probably the most popular holiday wreath on the planet. People love decorating for THE Holidays (you know, like how people say "THE CITY" and it's automatically assumed they are talking about NYC? You say "The Holidays" and … [Read more...]

Ceramic animal heads are better in trios

Hey friends! I hope your week is off to a better start than mine. My blog decided to blow up on me Monday, and I'm stressing big.time. A three month chunk of photos have been deleted from my blog. I'm trying to restore them, but if you see broken images, that's why. Thank goodness for *chicken (see bottom of post). So anyhoo, enough about me and my pitty party. Let's talk ceramic animal heads, shall we? I bought my beloved cow and pig ceramic heads back when I lived in Los Angeles. I drug them back to Texas with me, spray painted them Heirloom White, and hung them in my … [Read more...]

Chickens, and monograms, and gifts, oh my

I've gotten a few awesome gifts in the mail lately and I just have to share them with you! In February I posted about my fun & quirky cow and pig heads in my kitchen. Aren't they just so fun? Based on the comments, I take it you either LURVE them, or LOATHE them. Personally I'm on the LURVE team. Well, Stephanie over at Room*6 (great blog, btw!), sent me, wait for it... I'm DY-ING here. Yes, that is a matching ceramic chicken head. Now I've got a complete set - the beef, the pork, and the chicken!!! I still haven't painted it white yet to match the others, but I am … [Read more...]

You’ve been busy!

   Who knew that these two crafts would spark the crafty bug across the country? I've had these two projects featured more times than I can even count! (Honestly, I lost count. For real.) My inbox has been filling up with links and images of pumpkins and wreaths that you've created inspired by my post! I'm flattered and truly honored. Thank you! Here are some pumpkins and wreaths created by YOU! (If I've missed a post somewhere or overlooked an image and you are not featured here, it is not intentional. Please let me know and I'll feature your craft as … [Read more...]