Recaps, Famous People, and Reality TV

Well, my friends, I am FINALLY back from my oh-too-long vacay. For your and my sanity, I swear I’ll never leave for that long ever again!

Let’s get down to bid-ness…

First off, I just have to give a huge thanks to all the Guest Bloggers that posted here over the last month. Weren’t they all just fab?!! Honestly, I’m now following quite a few of them myself!

Also, if you are just dying to get a recap of our vacation, I made FIFTEEN posts about my vacation while we were on the road. Check all of them out here. I tried to add some humor to each post as not to bore you to sleep. One thing I’ve learned from all this vacation blogging: I hate vacation blogging. I LOVE DIY and decor blogging though, so I’m just going to stick with the home sector. 😉 Lucky you.

Okay, FINALLY, let’s just get to the good stuff, shall we?

There were exactly TWO major events that happened to me while on vacation that I think you will get a kick out of…

The first & most exciting:


My life has now come full circle. Who would have thought in a year and a half of blogging I would meet BOTH of my favorite blogs authors? In January I met Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick (at Blissdom) and in July I met Sherry and John from Young House Love.

Our last stop on our vacation was in Richmond, Virginia to meet Sherry and John at a cute little coffee shop. They are the nicest, most humble, gracious people I’ve probably ever met. I was blown away at how down to earth they are in spite of being blog super-stars who have graced many a news story, been on the Nate show, and are featured in Better Homes and Garden almost monthly (at least it seems that way!).

I was just hoping they would give me 5 minutes for a photo. I was pleasantly shocked and grateful that they spent two hours with us instead. I’m sure everyone says this about them, but I swear, they were so easy to just hang out with. When we left I told Ben that I really thought we would be friends with them IRL if we lived near them. They are just that easy to be around.

Kinsey was smitten with their sweet adorable Clara. She has the blondest hair and the bluest eyes! And her personality is sweet as a button.

So yes, I’ve met YHL and TDC. My life is officially complete. I can die now.

In other, almost-as-exciting-news, I took pictures of myself in front of three famous bakeries, all from their own hit reality shows about cakes and cupcakes.

Carlo’s Bakery, from TLC’s Cake Boss.

Cake Boss

Charm City Cakes, from the Food Networks Ace of Cakes.

Ace of Cakes

And Georgetown Cupcake, from TLC’s DC Cupcakes.

DC Cupcake

I didn’t go inside any of the bakeries, and I didn’t get to taste any of their famous pastries. The lines at each place were ridiculously long. It was really fun getting to see the actual bakeries though.

And, finally, in other news… (what?! You thought I was going to leave you with no home update at all?!)…

We got home to our yard looking like this:


It’s just a hunch, but I’m thinking we have a sprinkler issue on our hands…


Good thing I know how to fix a sprinkler! (You can read my post about fixing a sprinkler here.) I’m really looking forward to digging up my front yard in over 100 degree weather. Yay for summer.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a fun, new, fresh post! Yippie!


Guest Blogger: AliLilly



This is the last post in the Guest Blogger series. I hope you’ve enjoyed each of these 67 new blogs showcased and found a few favorites along the way. I am very excited to be back home and blogging again. Check back Monday for a real-for-real post from yours truly. Me! xoxo, Allison

Now take it away, Ami!

Wow!!!!  HOH readers, I am so happy to be here today.  Allison is AHH-MAZING!!  But y’all knew that already didn’t ya?  Allison TOTALLY inspires me EVERYDAY!  I couldn’t get through my blogging day without the HOH! OK OK enough schmoozing!  *wink*

I am Ami and I run AliLilly.  I’m a born ‘n raised Texan, lived in Arizona, and just last week moved back to Texas!         

All my new found craftiness is TOTALLY inspired by you wonderful ladies!  I love to blog about my crafty adventures, I love to post tutorials, I love to post about the jewelry I make.  This is some of what you will find at AliLilly.
And so much more.  I would LOVE for you to stop by and say hello.  Thanks so much, Allison for having me over.  Hope your having a wonderful vacation!!


Guest Blogger: Kuzak’s Closet



Hi, I am Amanda from Kuzak’s Closet.  I am so excited to be guest blogging for Allison today. House of the Hepworths is one of my favorite blog sites! I am so excited that she is on a cross country road trip, when my husband and I relocated we drove from Chicago to California, it is a trip I will never forget!

I started my blog in 2009 after my husband and I relocated to California, I thought it would be a great creative outlet for me and a way for me to stay in touch with my friends and family.  I have a full time Professional Organizing business and often share my favorite organizing tips and tricks and client before and afters.  In addition to organizing I write about topics that my friends and clients enjoy like fashion, recipes, and a little bit of my daily life.

I help my clients organize a lot of spaces within their homes,  toy rooms, living areas, kitchens, closets, and much much more.  Here is a taste…

Junk Drawer into Makeup Heaven…

Creating a jewelry nook in an old laundry cabinet…
I also love to cook and bake and I believe that being organized with your budget and your pantry will help you save time and money.  Here are a few of my favorite treats…
As an organizer I am in so many homes and I often give advice on furniture placement and basic design.  From time to time I share my favorite furnishings and accessories on the blog.  Recently my husband and I moved into a larger home and we needed to furnish a living room in a flash.  I love to shop but this room wore me out!
Thank you so much for having my guest post Allison!  I hope you all have a wonderful and organized week and don’t forget to stop by and visit Kuzak’s Closet.

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