The updated columns in the kitchen

Okay, so first off, holy moly you guys are seriously the best. I am blown away by all the comments I received on my post from yesterday. I am not speechless often, but right now, I am speechless. Thank you for just being you. I wasn't expecting anything when I typed up that post last night. I just felt like I owed you guys an explanation. Comments across blogs are at an all time low, so I guess I just didn't even think that anyone would comment. I woke up this morning to so much support in my comments section and on facebook. I was taken aback by all the love. I'll admit, I did get choked up a … [Read more...]

Putting everything back together again

This kitchen renovation is kicking our rear. So much prepping in order to get ready for cabinets. Let's see, where was I when I last left off? Oh, right... thinset, framing, and plumbing. As soon as the thinset was removed from the floor, John the Builder (man I get a kick out of calling him that because it sounds like Bob the Builder) had the drywall installers over here. In fact, they were a day early! I always hear horror stories about renovations taking 10x longer than expected, and workers being delayed by days or weeks. Lots of the waiting game. We haven't experienced any of that at … [Read more...]

Knowing how to repair large sections of drywall is a good skill to have

Three years ago, right after we moved in, we had a flood in the laundry room due to a leaky dryer duct on the roof. As the water traveled down the dryer duct in the attic, it dripped over and over onto our master closet ceiling, causing some seriously soggy sheetrock. (Contrary to our roofers opinion at the time that the flood was caused by raccoon poop.) After removing all the soggy sheetrock we were left with a gaping hole in our ceiling. See exhibit A: Having a large gaping hole into our attic kinda creeped me out (hello, what if there are bugs up there?!), so I quickly installed … [Read more...]

Update to flooding

I'm updating the status of my flooding issue from this post. First off, I've had an outpouring of comments, phone calls, and emails from family, friends, and my blog readers (aka my online friends ;)) with advice for how to handle this situation. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I was almost in tears this morning when I woke up to this mess. I just did.NOT. want to deal with this today ever. But I took a few deep breaths and somehow managed to get my big girl panties on and take this fiasco by the horns. I really couldn't have done it without all of you though. You … [Read more...]