Pinecone framed artwork

I finally get to use my pinecones I've been saving since March! For this project I used the mini pinecones, not the jumbo ones, but don't worry! I've got some jumbo pinecone crafts in the works! Yippie! First, I found a frame in my stash of extra stuff I'm not using. I love that this one is square. Next I grabbed all my mini pinecones. I patiently sat there and hot glued each pinecone directly onto the glass of the frame. It was actually really easy and took me about 10 or 15 minutes. I love that you can see through the frame. And here's the back … [Read more...]

I just got slapped by Captain Obvious

Do you ever have moments where you are just like, "Dur! Wow, I can't believe I didn't think of that. It just seems so obvious." Well, unfortunately for Mrs Oblivious over here, I have these moments all.the.time. Que Captain Obvious here. Three bunches of leaves stuck in a round floral foam thing. Why oh why have I never even thought of this? Do you realize how many times I've put ivy and plants above my cabinets and bent them all over the place to get them to stay in a certain position? More times than I'd like to admit, thankyouverymuch. I found this pre-made … [Read more...]

Evolution of the mantle

My fireplace mantle has gone through several transformations since we moved in. First we had this... ...which isn't even decorated at.all. I set the Rodney White artwork on the mantle while we were moving in so it didn't get ruined and it just kinda ended up staying there. I hung the artwork and added a few accessories, but the overall look just wasn't working. This setup is a FAIL! I LOVE my art and I LOVE bright bold color, but after a month or so it just started to hurt my eyes. I need my family room to be more subtle and relaxing so I took down the art and … [Read more...]

Trolling Craigslist

The past few weeks month I've been trolling Craigslist like a crazy stalker person. Nothing in particular, just anything that might catch my eye. Here are a few cool things I've found... Coffee table and matching side table. $20 for the set. This table is HUGE! I was going to put it in my piano room, but it's too big. After himming and hawing, It will eventually take up residence in our game room. The side table matches the coffee table, but I'm still not certain where I'll put it. We've got a couch with very tall arms in the game room, so a normal height side table … [Read more...]

mini green flower pot

When you see something like this: Don't pass it up! I got this cute little worn out flower pot at G-Will for ninety-nine cents. One coat of Apple Green spray paint and a dollar store flower later... So easy. Instant cuteness. And it only took me like 3 minutes to paint it. I didn't even prime it first. I just washed it and then spray painted it. For those of you who don't live in California, don't be jealous that it says "Trader Joe's" on the bottom. For Mother's Day my children brought me home this purple flower from the 99 Cent Store. I love … [Read more...]

Five Minute Frame

~**~**~ Dollar Store Frame ~**~**~ (Can I get any more unoriginal than that?!) Call me Captain Obvious, but just in case you still aren't sure, this frame came from the Dollar Store. It's plastic. Srsly. I know! I was as shocked as you. It's cheap alright - 2 frames for 99 cents? But don't try to tell me it looks like thin flimsy plastic. 'Cause I ain't listenin'. I like the detail on it, but the color? Do you think it could scream "I'm from the Dollar Store" any more than it already does? Yes, it's getting a make-over. But honestly, I don't think there are … [Read more...]

My I-thought-I-had-an-original-idea ice cream cone cupcake pan

Don't you hate it when you get all your ice cream cones filled with batter only to have them tip over and spill in the pan when you try to put them in the oven? I decided to make a pan prototype to bake my cones in to stop the spills and mess! Yup, I made a prototype. And I was going to mass-produce it and sell it on HSN and become a billionaire, er, or at least a thousand-aire. But my dreams were crushed when I realized someone else already designed one. And it was better than mine. And they already mass-produce them. So much for my big break. BUT considering I wasted … [Read more...]