Pinecone framed artwork


I finally get to use my pinecones I’ve been saving since March!

For this project I used the mini pinecones, not the jumbo ones, but don’t worry! I’ve got some jumbo pinecone crafts in the works! Yippie!

First, I found a frame in my stash of extra stuff I’m not using.


I love that this one is square.

Next I grabbed all my mini pinecones.


I patiently sat there and hot glued each pinecone directly onto the glass of the frame.


It was actually really easy and took me about 10 or 15 minutes.


I love that you can see through the frame.


And here’s the back of the frame. You can see all the hot glue!


When I was done I hung it up on the wall…


And then I stared at it for like a month.


There was just *something* about this artwork that I didn’t like.

Then it finally hit me. It’s too plain and boring. So I added an ornament from the Dollar Store.


I already like it about 1000 times better.

But I still wanted more color, so I added this ornament from Target (it was in a 4 pack for $1).



And now I’m happy.



Have you made any pinecone crafts this year? Tell me about it in my comments section!

I just got slapped by Captain Obvious

Do you ever have moments where you are just like,

“Dur! Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. It just seems so obvious.”


Well, unfortunately for Mrs Oblivious over here, I have these moments all.the.time.

Que Captain Obvious here.


Three bunches of leaves stuck in a round floral foam thing.

Why oh why have I never even thought of this?

Do you realize how many times I’ve put ivy and plants above my cabinets and bent them all over the place to get them to stay in a certain position?

More times than I’d like to admit, thankyouverymuch.

I found this pre-made floral bunch at Goodwill. The second I saw it, I was like, “OMG wow, could there even be a more obvious solution?”

Five seconds later (the amount of time it took to drag a chair over and climb on the counter)…


… I have perfectly positioned bunches of leaves.

Sometimes I wonder how I even manage to function in this world walking around with my head in a bubble.

Living in my own oblivious universe is fun and all, but I sure feel like a dope sometimes.

Evolution of the mantle


My fireplace mantle has gone through several transformations since we moved in.

First we had this

…which isn’t even decorated at.all.

I set the Rodney White artwork on the mantle while we were moving in so it didn’t get ruined and it just kinda ended up staying there.

I hung the artwork and added a few accessories, but the overall look just wasn’t working.

This setup is a FAIL!


I LOVE my art and I LOVE bright bold color, but after a month or so it just started to hurt my eyes.

I need my family room to be more subtle and relaxing so I took down the art and added a mirror that I’ve had for at least 15 years.


I also swapped out some of the accessories for a more Fall look.

In addition I took the candlesticks and gave them a new coat of spray paint and added gourds on top.


The colors are Rustoleum Nutmeg and Heirloom White.

But the black frame was still too harsh for me. I want this room bright, white, and soothing.

So I painted the frame white.

I’m already loving it so.much.more.


This is my “almost finished” decorated Fall mantle.


I’m going to add some fall leaves and maybe a few nuts to give it more texture, but I think so far it’s coming together nicely.


The ceramic pumpkins are from Dollar Tree. I can’t believe I found something ceramic at Dollar Tree that I don’t want to spray paint.


The pumpkins and gourds are real. I purchased them from the grocery store.

Also, the glass hurricane I bought in Los Angeles at Goodwill. You might recognize it from this post:

(New Life for an Old Shelf)

I like it much better with bright orange pumpkins and gourds in it!

So, in the past two months my mantle has morphed from this:


to this:


Now I just need to PAINT already!

Oh, and did you notice the crappy newel on the left of the fireplace hearth?

I got it free from a guy who was throwing it away while we were snowboarding last winter in California.

(Yes, the same trip that I broke my rib on…)

Anyway, this newel is eventually going to turn into a candlestick. Eventually.


Happy Fall, y’all!

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