How to remove stickers the easy way

You guys. This is such a simple tip, but not many people know about it. But before I get down to business and share this super simple tip with you, I have to give a shout out to Wal-mart of all places for stocking the CUTEST galvanized containers. Seriously, they have tons of different bins, trays, containers, etc and they are all the oh-so-hot galvanized metal. Rumor has it (I haven't verified with my own eyeballs) that this stuff is now on CLEARANCE. I better get up there and buy some more before they're all gone. You can use these containers in virtually every room in your house for … [Read more...]

How to easily peel a pomegranate

Now that pomegranate season is in full force, here's a super easy way to peel a pomegranate. Have you ever wondered how to get all those little squishy seeds out of a pomegranate? I was terrified of this little fruit until only a few years ago. Every time I even attempted to pluck all the little seeds out, they would burst and my kitchen would end up looking like a crime scene. The power of the u-google-izer taught me how to tackle this harmless ball of deliciousness so I figured I should pass on my newfound knowledge to all of you. First, wash your pomegranate. … [Read more...]

Save yourself a lot of hassle with this spray painting tip

As most of you know, I love spray paint. I will spray paint anything and everything! Nothing is safe in my home from a can of good 'ol spray paint. :) With summer almost here I want to share a spray painting tip with you. Hopefully it will help you to not make the same mistake I made last summer. I decided I wanted a bunch of picture frames painted white for my gallery wall. It was August in Texas at about high noon which translates into at least 100 degrees outside with bright blue skies and lots of direct UV rays. Pretty much hotter than hell outside. ;) Perfect … [Read more...]

Leveling out new shelves in the guest bathroom

Hey! I hope you had a smashing weekend. We got loads of spring yard work done, and I am so thrilled with how the yard is coming together! In addition to working on the yard though, I've been trying to give my ugly little guest bathroom a fresh makeover. Today I'm going to share a super-easy trick to getting shelves (or anything else) to sit level on the wall. Let's recap first though. The bathroom started like this:    The last place I left off had the bathroom looking a whole lot less barfy: I painted it the same color as my piano room - Route 66 by … [Read more...]

How to paint around a toilet

Have you ever painted a bathroom? Painting around the toilet is a serious pain in the you-know-what! Here's an easy quick tip that saves loads of time and your sanity. Remove the toilet lid, take a kitchen garbage bag and put it over the entire tank, then tape it in place. Now when you cut in around the toilet you don't have to worry about getting paint all over the tank. When you are done, let the paint dry completely, then rip the bag off and throw it away. Don't you wish all annoying stuff could have such an easy solution? And for your pinning pleasure, here's … [Read more...]

updating a topiary for a dollar

Exhibit A: Apple topiary. Cute from the waist up, but not so cute pot. It's all glued together though. What to do? Exhibit B: 99 cent planter from IKEA. I put the old pot inside the new one. It fit perfectly and now my apple topiary is cute from head to toe. No cutting, no gluing, no disassembling. I love cheap easy fixes. ;) … [Read more...]

I just got slapped by Captain Obvious

Do you ever have moments where you are just like, "Dur! Wow, I can't believe I didn't think of that. It just seems so obvious." Well, unfortunately for Mrs Oblivious over here, I have these moments all.the.time. Que Captain Obvious here. Three bunches of leaves stuck in a round floral foam thing. Why oh why have I never even thought of this? Do you realize how many times I've put ivy and plants above my cabinets and bent them all over the place to get them to stay in a certain position? More times than I'd like to admit, thankyouverymuch. I found this pre-made … [Read more...]