Our kitchen renovation is finished!

Hey guys! I am here to show you the final kitchen before and afters. We are pretty much finished with the renovation. We have small stuff to finish up (painting the baseboards, painting the walls, small random finishing touches), but for all intents and purposes, this renovation is D.O.N.E. And I couldn't be any more relieved. We've never tackled a renovation of this magnitude, and although much of it was hired out, we did do a fair share of the work ourselves. Living in this chaos for the past 3 months has taken its toll on my sanity. We hired a local builder to oversee the project. He … [Read more...]

A family room update

Hey guys! I realized I haven't updated you on the family room - where we spend the majority of our time - since we moved in. Here's what it looked like when we moved in: I have spent 4 months moving chairs around and decrapifying all the piles of decor and frames that got dumped in there. Coming up with a chair configuration was making me a little insane. You can see from all the before pictures that I kept moving chairs in, then out, then swapping them, then changing their angle, etc. In this photo from the house tour everything has been moved around again. It's always so … [Read more...]

The final before & afters of the old house

Well folks, it's the end of an era. The old house will officially belong to someone else by Thursday. We had a good run, this house and me. I have the final photos of the old house that were taken last month for the MLS listing. I thought it would be fun to compare them to the "before" photos from three years ago when we bought the house. It's come a long way baby. I am so pleased to see how much nicer the home is now. But honestly, I just can't wait to start rolling some paint on the walls of the new house. :) I've got a few more tutorials of the old house to share with you guys as soon … [Read more...]

Habitat for Humanity Before & After series {One Project Closer}

Every year One Project Closer hosts the coolest Before & After contest benefiting Habitat for Humanity. They are on their 5th year now! One Project Closer and their sister site The Better Half want this year to be the best one yet so they reached out to several bloggers and asked us to get in on the fun. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit who helps and supports local communities as well as communities all over all over the world. OPC's annual Before & After series helps raise awareness for Habitat, and support their mission to provide decent, safe and affordable places to … [Read more...]

Painting my foyer with DUTCH BOY paint

Dutch Boy Paints emailed me about a month and a half ago and offered to send me four gallons of paint to try and review on my blog. Do *I* want four gallons of FREE paint? Sign me up! They sent me a color deck so I could select my colors. (Image borrowed from A Design Story) Oh my oh my. I don't think I've ever been SO INDECISIVE in my entire life! What room should I paint? What color should I pick? Should I get a few different colors? I hemmed and hawed for at least a week or more. I'm sure Dutch Boy was wondering what on earth they'd gotten themselves into! I … [Read more...]

Goodbye past, hello future!

It's time to retire the ol' blog layout, header, & buttons. I've loved every second of the orangie blog. It's where this blog came from. It's my roots. But as they say, "It's time to grow the hell up!" You may have noticed I removed the original header a few weeks ago & put up a basic temporary one. And now I've finally gone and changed the whole darn layout. Here's the very first button I ever made: I want to be embarrassed by it, but it just reminds me of my first days living in Los Angeles when I was bored and depressed and missing Texas. I created a blog to … [Read more...]

H A Double-L O W Double-E N spells “Halloween”

I've temporarily taken down the Fall decor and busted out the Halloween stuff! I pulled out my box-o-scariness... ... if you can call it "scary" I'm more of a "cutesy" seasonal decorator. I had most of my decor already, but I did make a few spray paint adjustments... I painted the wreath black as well as the candle stick that I bought months ago. For the wreath I decided to go low-key. I just painted a wreath black and hung it with a 1 1/2" thick orange ribbon. I was planning on doing more detail on the wreath, but once it was painted I really … [Read more...]