We love our Beddy’s bedding

Over the past few weeks I’ve shown you guys my son’s and daughter’s bedrooms. They both are sporting some new super cute bedding. I promised to give you more details about the bedding, so today I’m doing just that!

Both of these bedding sets are called Beddy’s

Before I get too deep into this post, I want to be very clear… I paid for both of these bedding sets. I purchased them through the website like any other person would, and I paid full price for them.

I was introduced to Beddy’s from a few other blogs who wrote posts about them. As soon as I first saw them, I knew I wanted to get each of my kids a Beddy’s bedding set. The basic gist of the bedding is that it is n entire bedding set in one – fitted sheet and blanket. The bedding fits on in one piece like a fitted sheet, and then the blanket zips up both sides like a sleeping bag.

I was drawn to the bedding for a few different reasons, mainly that they are so easy for my kids to make their beds each morning – you literally just zip it right up, and also because of the minky blanket – my kids love super soft blankets and have been using “fuzzy blankets” for years in lieu of a top sheet.

Washing these sets is so easy also. The top blanket zips completely off and you wash and dry the bedding like you would any other bedding.

I’ve seen a few other bedding sites selling zip up bedding but they have all looked kind of cheesy. I like the Beddy’s because it looks classy and is made from really durable and thick fabric. The quality is top-notch.

After we received the two bedding sets in the mail and tried them out for a few days, the kids LOVE them. In fact, I decided I wanted a 3rd set for our queen sized guest bed:

I do want to say right here that I did receive this bedding set free from Beddy’s. I emailed them after trying out our two kids’ sets and told them I how much I loved them. I explained that I was a blogger and was going to be writing a blog post about the bedding, and asked if they had any type of affiliate program I could sign up for to include in my blog post. They promptly wrote back and apologized for not having any type of affiliate program, but after checking out my blog wondered if they could send me a queen sized bedding set instead of an affiliate link. So, in the end, I purchased two full sized bedding sets myself, and ended up getting a 3rd set free.

(I still have to paint the guest room a light tan, so the bedding will look even better once the walls are lightened up.)

In addition to the bedding, you can also purchase bed skirts and pillow sets.

Travis’s bedding is Game On.

Kinsey’s bedding is Ooh La Lavender.

The guest room bedding is Modern Gray Ruffles.

We have been really impressed with the excellent quality of the bedding. Overall I am very impressed. Obviously I love them or I wouldn’t have ended up with three sets in my house! If you have any questions I’ll try to answer them in the comments below.

You can check out Beddy’s through their website, facebook, instagram, pinterest, and twitter.

Our teenage son’s room is coming together

Now that we are getting settled into our new house, I have the very beginnings of some before and now pictures to share with you. Today I’m going to finally share our son’s room which you got a glimpse of yesterday in our video walk through.

Our son is 13 now (14 in January! Ack!) and wants a room that reflects him and his personality. I’ve been trying to put his room together and he has become so opinionated lately, which honestly, I think is great. I want him to love his room and enjoy spending time there.

When we bought the house the room had two light blue walls and two dark blue walls. Honestly, I liked these blue walls better than any other color of walls in the entire house, but I really don’t like dark rooms at all. I feel like I’m suffocating in them.

It took us several days after moving in to make time to start working on his room so for the first week or so he slept on his floor with unpacked boxes stacked around him.

Before we could assemble any furniture or unpack any boxes I rolled the walls with paint really quick. Travis was literally behind me assembling his new desk and put it against the wall as soon as the paint was dry. He is VERY excited to have his own desk in his room. He’s growing up too fast!

I hadn’t even had time to cut in yet, and in fact, don’t judge but I still haven’t gone back and cut in. I just keep forgetting honestly.

We went back and forth on what bed frame to get for him, and finally just chose the boring Hemnes choice from Ikea that matched his side table and dresser. He absolutely loves all his furniture though, especially since it’s all black. He loves the color black.

So here’s his room currently. It’s still pretty basic, but it’s livable and he really loves it. All the furniture is from Ikea. The bed, side table, and dresser are all Hemnes, Cart is Raskog, and the desk is Micke.

The bedding is Beddy’s. Next week I will have an entire post about them so sit tight.

Travis is a pretty well-rounded kid and is into sports as well as computers, games, and mind puzzles. His #1 favorite thing though is probably the Rubik’s Cube, and he has many different styles, brands, sizes, and shapes of them. He can now solve a basic cube in about 25-30 seconds which is just crazy to me! He is hoping to find a local competition soon and compete. If you have a kid into cubing and you have any questions about the best brands to purchase (hint: Rubik’s is not the best speed cube brand), give he a holler and I’ll send you over some recommendations).

He also is really into computers (like father, like son) and so he has an entire desk area set up where he can play with his Raspberry Pi‘s.





2 hacks: Ikea Bygel rails as curtain rods & bed sheets into curtains

I can finally check another item off my should-have-done-this-a-year-ago to-do list. My son’s curtains have been sitting in his closet since we moved in almost 2 years ago. Why has it taken me so long to hang them? Because I am the Master Procrastinator.

But they are hung and looking fly if I do say so myself. I hung them the same way I hung them in our previous house – using two Bygel Rails from good ol’ Ikea. They come in two sizes. For the curtains I purchased the shorter ones.

These rails are made for the kitchen to hold accessories on. Ikea also suggests using them as a towel rail or to hold pot lids on. I like to “hack” products from Ikea and use them in unconventional ways, so I used these as curtain rods!

In our last house I had two extra ones just sitting in my stash and it dawned on me that I could totally use them as curtain rods.

They aren’t functional rods where you can drag the curtains across your windows, but they do work great if you want decorative curtains. I left the old rails at the previous house so I had to purchase new ones for this project. They are super cheap though; only $2.99 each.

Here is the window before:

And the poor wrinkled curtains. I actually made them using twin sized bed sheets and added some orange grosgrain ribbon down the edge.

After ironing, and ironing, and more ironing it was finally time to hang them! I figured out where I wanted the rails hung, threaded the curtains onto the rails, and attached them with some wall anchors. To easily hang the rails I used a level on the rail and just marked where the screw holes were. So much easier than math.

Our ceilings are a foot lower in the bedrooms in our current house than in our previous house. Because of this, I realized they would need to be hemmed. I decided to hang them first and then hem them for the most accurate length possible.

I just set up a sewing machine on a little table and hemmed them right there! It was so easy. I started by pinning them exactly where I wanted them hemmed and then just sewed them at the appropriate length.

Now Travis has pretty curtains hung high and wide to accentuate his window and make it look bigger. I obviously need to scooch the big orange star over now that the curtains are overlapping it.

His room will come together eventually. I pretty much put all rooms on hold while renovating the kitchen and dining room. Now I’m slowly starting to make more progress in the kids’ bedrooms. I’d like to just get them totally done once and for all so I can stop tinkering in there and start working on other spaces that need my attention. I would really like to get him a full-sized bedroom set, so we are just kind of in a holding pattern until I decide which set I want and have enough cash saved to purchase it.

Here’s a fun side-by-side. Curtains just make such a huge difference!


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