This holiday season is already off to a rough start, but I love it anyway

When I think of the Holidays and Christmastime I picture myself draped in an apron, baking treats a la The Cleavers and crafting up seasonal decorations to my heart's content. Then I wake up. I am too busy to sit around crafting and baking all day, especially over the holidays. I can assure you, my home will NOT be magazine worthy or decorated to the hilt this season. Heck, I couldn't even get it together enough to blog about decorating for Halloween or Thanksgiving (I put out a few decorations on top of the piano for Halloween, and completely bypassed any decorating for Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

Confessions of Christmas 2012

Once again, Christmas is almost here, and I have done a terrible job creating that magical environment that my children will look back on fondly. Oh well. I guess I'll never have that picture-perfect Pinterest house and Pinterest family. As a blogger who thoroughly enjoys keeping it as real as possible (in an attempt to prove that not all bloggers have a perfect life), here are a few Christmas confessions. Confession #1: I used double-sided tape to hang all our holiday cards... on the side of a kitchen cabinet and the wall. I used my mini nutcrackers as Christmas Tree … [Read more...]

(Not so) quick Christmas recap

(Pssst... Will you take 2 seconds and click on this link at Picket Fence Blogs to vote for me?! Just by clicking I will receive one vote. Thanks!! xoxo) Well, the big day finally arrived and went off without a hitch! The kids avoided the naughty list and were visited by Santa himself and his messy reindeer. The reindeer loved the reindeer food the kids left out for them (oatmeal mixed with sprinkles and glitter) but they made a huge mess! Santa also enjoyed the plate of cookies left for him. I tortured the kids this year and made them pose for tons of pictures. They … [Read more...]

Confessions of Christmas

I have a few confessions to make. Confession #1: I label all my Christmas gifts with a SHARPIE. I know, it's horrible. Most people use ribbon and bows and beautiful gift tags. I use a sharpie. My parents have done it since I was little, and it just rubbed off on me. I can't imagine labeling gifts any other way. Confession #2: Yesterday I threw away all the Christmas candy and the homemade gingerbread houses that the kids made. I didn't want the candy temptation around me anymore because I've put on a few pounds (8 actually) this season and my clothes … [Read more...]