How to FROST GLASS with contact paper

Today I'm sharing a simple tutorial that will change your life. Seriously. It's that good. Would you like more privacy in your home without sacrificing the light streaming in? Just frost your glass! It's so easy, inexpensive, and is totally removable. Yup, unlike sprays and other frosted glass techniques, this one allows you to undo your frost if you ever change your mind. Mind blown, I know. I started out with a 10-panel glass door painted white. Last year I painted it black. I LOVE black doors! As much as I love this 10-panel glass door, especially now that it's black, we need … [Read more...]

How to frost a window

I have this window next to my front door: Yup, anyone and everyone can see straight to my back yard from this window. It's the worst at night when our lights are on. You can see very clearly the contents of the inside of our home from the street as you drive by. This. Drives. Me. Batty! I hate that everyone and their dog can see into my house. What if I'm not dressed?! What if it's a potential burglar scoping out the place to burglarize us?! WHAT IF I'M NEKED?!!!! So um, ya, I needed to fix this little issue. I would LOVE a custom shutter, but for now my cheap @ss budget … [Read more...]