Our teenage son’s room is coming together

Now that we are getting settled into our new house, I have the very beginnings of some before and now pictures to share with you. Today I’m going to finally share our son’s room which you got a glimpse of yesterday in our video walk through.

Our son is 13 now (14 in January! Ack!) and wants a room that reflects him and his personality. I’ve been trying to put his room together and he has become so opinionated lately, which honestly, I think is great. I want him to love his room and enjoy spending time there.

When we bought the house the room had two light blue walls and two dark blue walls. Honestly, I liked these blue walls better than any other color of walls in the entire house, but I really don’t like dark rooms at all. I feel like I’m suffocating in them.

It took us several days after moving in to make time to start working on his room so for the first week or so he slept on his floor with unpacked boxes stacked around him.

Before we could assemble any furniture or unpack any boxes I rolled the walls with paint really quick. Travis was literally behind me assembling his new desk and put it against the wall as soon as the paint was dry. He is VERY excited to have his own desk in his room. He’s growing up too fast!

I hadn’t even had time to cut in yet, and in fact, don’t judge but I still haven’t gone back and cut in. I just keep forgetting honestly.

We went back and forth on what bed frame to get for him, and finally just chose the boring Hemnes choice from Ikea that matched his side table and dresser. He absolutely loves all his furniture though, especially since it’s all black. He loves the color black.

So here’s his room currently. It’s still pretty basic, but it’s livable and he really loves it. All the furniture is from Ikea. The bed, side table, and dresser are all Hemnes, Cart is Raskog, and the desk is Micke.

The bedding is Beddy’s. Next week I will have an entire post about them so sit tight.

Travis is a pretty well-rounded kid and is into sports as well as computers, games, and mind puzzles. His #1 favorite thing though is probably the Rubik’s Cube, and he has many different styles, brands, sizes, and shapes of them. He can now solve a basic cube in about 25-30 seconds which is just crazy to me! He is hoping to find a local competition soon and compete. If you have a kid into cubing and you have any questions about the best brands to purchase (hint: Rubik’s is not the best speed cube brand), give he a holler and I’ll send you over some recommendations).

He also is really into computers (like father, like son) and so he has an entire desk area set up where he can play with his Raspberry Pi‘s.





More progress in the basement – the furniture is in!

The basement has furniture! Finally. I thought this day would never come.

In the last two posts I talked about removing a wet bar and having carpet installed. You would not believe the difference those two things have made in this space.

In the back half of the long narrow main living area in the basement we set up our Ikea sectional and entertainment center.

And in the front half of the main living area we set up our foosball table and drum set.

The space is not huge like you’d assume a basement would be, but it is big enough for our needs and we are happy with it. It’s basically our new game room like we had in our last house.

Here’s our game room from our Texas house:

Back to our basement… The wet bar used to be on the right wall, where our natural walkway is now.

When you come down the stairs, you turn right at the bottom of the stairs to enter this room (to the left is Ben’s office). This is what you see as soon as you step foot into the basement living area.

Here’s a view looking back at the stairs. Try to just ignore the fact that I haven’t trimmed out any of the paint yet.

Looking back towards the stairs from the other end of the room. Again, this walkway is where the wet bar once was.

And here’s a view from the other side of the foosball table. That door on the far left is Ben’s office, which is a total disaster at the moment so I strategically avoided any direct shots in there.

Now let’s head over to the tv area…

You may recognize the couch from our living room that I showed you a few weeks ago:

After we purchased the couch for the living room (without any measuring at all… oops) we realized it was way too small for the space, so we brought it down to the basement. It fits perfectly and we love it so much in there.

We paired it with our ottoman that was in our previous game room, but it looks terrible and we are on the hunt for an ottoman that matches better and also fits the space. This one is too big and will eventually probably make its way upstairs to the living room or piano room.

One more shot of the entire room, highlighting the ottoman that neither matches nor fits. Have I mentioned though that we sure love the couch? Oh yes, I did.

And seriously, if you know me at all by now, you know I am a serious sucker for before and after pics, so here ya go!





As you can see, serious progress is being made in the basement. Next on the list – painting all the edges around the room by hand with a brush. I’m really looking forward to my carpel tunnel flaring up. It should be loads of fun. 😉

Buying one of everything at IKEA, oh, and we moved in!

Hi! Man, we have been so busy trying to get moved into the new house. When we left Austin we sold most of our furniture, so moving into the new house was easy because we only had one Pod to unload. However, we hit up IKEA for most of our furniture and between buying, moving, unloading, and assembling, our time is zapped!

Here’s Ben getting ready to unload the Pod last week. We hired a few guys to come help unload so the thing was unloaded in less than 2 hours.

Ah, a nice empty Pod. Come take it away pod people!

Like I said, we hit up IKEA for most of our new furniture. IKEA is inexpensive and has decent quality so it will definitely hold us over for the next several years while I design each room and figure out exactly how I want them decorated.

This picture is only one of TWO trips we made to IKEA for furniture. We had to rent a small Uhaul to get it all home.

And now our house is a mess! Ah the joys of moving. Trying to unpack and find a new home for all your stuff. After living in a place for awhile everything finds a home, but after you move the new house never flows the same way so it’s all trial and error.

You can see a small portion of the boxes we brought home from IKEA. Also, we purchased a couch from there. Our TV and entertainment center doesn’t really work in this new living room so expect a Mounting Your TV Above The Fireplace post soon.

More furniture to assemble…

At least my laundry room is set up and functional. Not pretty at all, but I can do laundry.

More IKEA boxes…

A very crappy photo of my office. I have done exactly NOTHING in this room. In fact, there isn’t a ceiling mounted light in there so I’m just totally avoiding the room for now. #MustCallAnElectrician

Travis’s room… We haven’t assembled any of his furniture yet because I want to paint first. The blue wall actually looks good with his new bedding, but the room is getting painted a light tan (my favorite – Stucco) because I have other plans for a cool wall treatment.

Kinsey’s new room. I painted her room Stucco the day we moved in. I had BIG plans of painting THE ENTIRE HOUSE in one day. So far… I’ve painted two rooms. Haha I need to assemble a few more pieces of furniture for her room, but at least she was able to unpack all her boxes.

The basement – Ben set the TV up so Travis and his friends could play on their video games. Other than that, we’ve done NOTHING. We are getting new carpet down there before we start unpacking. I’m also taking out that bar because the room is too narrow and it takes up too much room. I might move it to the hole where the TV currently is (we are going to put the TV on the reverse wall behind me).

Okay, one of my new favorite parts of this house is the unfinished portion of the basement. We were planning on getting it finished out ASAP but honestly, it is the best storage room! We might be able to park our cars in the garage now because all our crap can go in the storage room. Love it. Those big boxes are our new IKEA couch for the basement.

In addition to all this unpacking and just trying to move in, we’ve actually been doing some normal stuff too. Kinsey busted out the mixer tonight and made gluten-free Pumpkin Muffins for everyone!

She is such a great baker. Kinsey is our little mama and helps keep our home and family running smoothly. We love her and her baked goods!

I have SO MANY ideas for this new house and I am so excited to get busy making this place our own. Gotta run for now and go paint Travis’s room! See you soon!

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