Easier way to install wall hooks

We recently updated our daughter's bathroom (which also doubles as the guest bathroom) with some beadboard and a row of hooks. Now there are plenty of spots to hang all the beach towels that end up all over the floor each summer. Today I want to show you how to easily install hooks. This tip can be used when hanging anything on your wall - nails, screws, anchors, hooks, etc. Start by using pieces of painters tape to eyeball where you want your hooks. You don't need to measure quite yet. This just helps you get an idea for how many hooks you want and how far apart you want them. … [Read more...]

Hooks are hung, stuff is organized.

I guess since I posted about the guest bathroom yesterday I'll just segue into a post about some organizational stuff I've done in all the bathrooms. Let's start with the kids' bathroom since it is by far the worst/messiest disaster of a bathroom in the house. If I didn't know better I'd say the kids have been raised in a barn. Here's their tub/shower. Are you picking up a mess vibe? Ya? Me too. In their defense, they simply cannot reach any type of shower organizer that hangs from the shower head. They are kids. Kids are not tall. They also can't reach the window ledge or the towel … [Read more...]

Bathroom and kitchen updates [6 new faucets]

Last weekend Ben and I ran a marathon. Well, not really ran. And we did it barefoot. I didn't even put a sports bra on. In fact, our marathon didn't involve running at all. Instead, it involved swapping out 6 awful builder-grade faucets for new only-slightly-more-expensive replacements. I say "marathon" because it literally took us all day and any amount of mental strength we could muster up. I wanted to quit several times. But we endured and get 'er done. Most of the day Ben spent on his back under a sink. It was really hard for me to refrain from poking or tickling him … [Read more...]