Check out the kids’ teal and grass green bathroom makeover

Guess what? I am done. D-O-N-E with the kids' gender-neutral bathroom makeover! Well, done enough. I still need some art for a wall or two, but for now, I'm calling it. I stayed pretty true to my original plan, but I did change a few things which I'll get to in a minute. Before-and-Afters are my favorite, so let's just start off there. No point in dragging it out and keeping you in suspense. You are welcome. I am super obnoxious and labeled each before and after photo just in case any of them pop up on pinterest. I am so stoked with how this room … [Read more...]

A dramatic fireplace makeover {white moulding & black mantel}

I just finished a project that didn't take too long and wasn't too difficult, but has a huge impact. The fireplace in our home is in the corner and angled. It seems like the perfect high impact focal point, so to enhance the fireplace and make it really stand out, I added a bunch of moulding and painted the mantel black. Check it out. Here's a refresher of what it looked like when we moved in, and a week ago: {Way Before and Before}    Such a dramatic difference, right?! I couldn't be any more pleased with how it turned out. It definitely has that WOW … [Read more...]

Stenciled Monogram Soap Pump {Mother’s Day gift}

You guys ready for another craft? How about a Dollar Store Craft?! Well, look no further. May I present the most simple Dollar Store Craft on planet earth: Start by buying a soap pump at the Dollar Store. Using a stencil, dab paint onto the soap pump. I used a very light blue so the Monogram overlay would show up better. Let this dry really well. Now take a Monogram stencil and dab more paint on. This seems pretty obvious, but you are going to want to punch out the inner part of the letter first. ;) I used the new Martha Stewart Crafts craft paint which … [Read more...]

Cheap & Easy Stenciled Tray tutorial

Last week when I showed you the Mini Monogram Pedestals I mentioned I had made two more projects using my Martha Stewart Crafts supplies. I had so much fun crafting I ended up creating three separate projects and then chose my favorite to go with the Plaid promotion. Well, here's the 2nd of the three crafts I made... Are you ready for it? I found this tiny pink tray at the Target Dollar Spot (I think it was $2.50) and thought it was so cute! It's just perfect for my daughter's room to house all her little lotions and perfumes. I used some Spray Adhesive for Stencils … [Read more...]

Make your own Mini Monogram Pedestal

I am so stinkin' excited about these Mini Monogram Pedestals. I love how they turned out! This is such an easy project and would be a great Mother's Day gift. To make your very own Mini Monogram Pedestals you need the following supplies: Martha Stewart Crafts Supplies: Raspberry Ice Craft Paint Habanero Craft Paint Carrot Craft Paint Jonquil Craft Paint Surf Craft Paint Paint Brush Set Other Supplies: 3" piece of wood (mine are 3" x 2.5") Mini Candlesticks Strong bonding glue (I used Gorilla Glue) Silhouette Cameo Black Vinyl and transfer paper sandpaper clear … [Read more...]

flippin’ sweet (flipping the office and guest room)

The past few days have been cra-aaaaa-zy around here. I'm so sore and tired. My joints are aching. Wanna know why? Well, too bad, I'm telling you anyway. :) Besides deciding to start a rigorous running program (I'm serious, don't laugh!) Ben and I spent the last few days flip-flopping the office and the guest room. For a point of reference, here's our floor plan with each room marked. Before the ol' flip-a-roonie, the office was "bedroom 5" and the guest room was "bedroom 4".    Before we started, our office (bedroom 5) looked like this: Okay, okay, that's … [Read more...]

You turned a headboard into WHAT?! (Project #23 done)

Last week I shared a list of 24 projects with you that I seriously need to finish. Or else. I've put these things off for far too long, and I just need to get.them.done. once and for all. Monday I showed you my finished Project #10 (pictures for piano room), and today I'm happy to report that I've checked another project off the list! Which project did I tackle next? Why, it's Project #23: Finish the King Size Headboard project. I haven't been THIS EXCITED about a project in a very long time. It took me several months, but I'm so thrilled to report that this … [Read more...]