Painting the Formal Living Room – the process

This house is starting to come together! I painted the formal living room. yay! Every time I paint a room the house feels a little bit more like *my* home. There's something about moving into someone else's house, living with their colors, then painting over those old colors that really makes you feel like it's actually your house. I made a fun video of me painting the living room - with a broken wrist and all! If you can't watch the video (you are missing out!) here are the before and after pics. I don't have any process pictures, only the process video. … [Read more...]

Let the decrapification commence

Downsizing almost 900 square feet of living space has pretty much kicked my ass. I'm not complaining to be in a smaller home; I'm actually thrilled to be in a smaller home. Those stairs and all that space in the last house almost did me in. Too.Much.To.Clean. It was never ending. We'd spend our entire Saturday each weekend just getting the house picked up - and I'm not even talking about deep cleaning. So yes, the smaller house with no stairs is awesomespice. The reason it kicked my ass is because I downsized 900 sq ft of living space and I have too.much.crap. This house has one less … [Read more...]

Recreating model home decor {decorative moss rocks}

One of my favorite things to do is browse through model homes. They are chock full of decorating ideas that are usually very appealing to most styles. I have learned so many little tips and tricks about decorating and styling a home simply by walking through model homes and taking lots of photos. In a recent model home crashing I saw the simplest decor that had a big impact. I just had to recreate it the second I got back home. Can you believe it's as simple as a bowl full of faux moss rocks? I saw this simple wooden bowl filled with basic fake moss rocks and just knew it … [Read more...]

Like, OMG. The piano room actually has curtains now?!

Four long months ago I proclaimed I was going to hang curtains in the piano room. Sounded simple enough. Hell, I already had the curtains. How long could hanging two curtain panels really take? I tried them out by hanging them on the wall with some tacks... They were waiting for Noah's Flood, so I tested out some gray fabric I picked up at ikea. Yup, this little plan I hatched was going to work out perfectly. I even added this little curtain project to my list of 24 projects I should have finished by now (project #6) {aka I'm a huge procrastinator}. So why is it … [Read more...]

THE actual real-for-real House of Hepworths (for realz)

Hey you guys! I have a little treat for you today! Well, okay, it's probably not that cool, but it's a treat for me at least! I have wanted a floor plan of my house for a year now. I've scoured the internet looking for it and it's nowhere to be found! I tried to draw one using one of those free floor plan services. Ha! It looked worse than a kindergartner's drawings. Well, I mentioned to one of my friends down the street that I wanted a floor plan (this house was built almost 6 years ago) and to my complete shock and elation she whipped out a floor plan for me! Turns out she and … [Read more...]

Tips for incorporating portraits into your decor

I absolutely love decorating my home with portraits and pictures of my family. Yes, I'm addicted to Rodney White, but besides his art, I prefer framed portraits to any other art in my home. My favorite family portrait in our home is this huge one on canvas that I had printed up last year. It was above the fireplace for awhile, but now I have it hanging at the top of the stairs. When you look up the stairs you are greeted by this large canvas. Love it. My most recent addition to our home are these huge portrait prints that I showed you last week. We are totally NOT … [Read more...]

Project 10: Make and frame large family portraits for long neked wall

One project down, 23 more to go! Last week I gave you a peek inside my chaos that is my life by showing you 24 projects I should have finished by now, but haven't. It was the kick in the butt I was hoping for, and I'm happy to report that I can now check Project #10 off the list: "Make and frame large family portraits for long neked wall" Here's the before: Here are my new framed portraits for my "neked wall" in the piano room. And a close up...      I chose these prints over any other for two reasons: 1) I needed pictures that were … [Read more...]