The piano bench gets new hinges and a make-under

Hi friends! I hope you are having a fabulous summer. We've been so busy this summer, and I just realized school starts in less than 4 weeks. I'm kinda sad about it. It's so fun having my kids around all day, and also not having to follow a strict schedule. Last year we bought a piano. It has pretty much become the staple item in our house. We all play, and all of my son's drumline friends play, so it gets used daily as a minimum. I also added a new layer of fabric to the bench: Most of you liked the new fabric, but a few of you commented that it was gross that I didn't … [Read more...]

New Piano! FINALLY! + how to cover a piano bench with fabric

Well, we finally did it. We finally got ourselves a new piano. Well, new to us! When we moved from Texas to Colorado last year we couldn't take our beloved piano with us. I know, we have the serious sads over it. Apparently it is very bad to take an antique piano that has lived its entire life (built in 1904!) in a humid climate like Texas to the dry climate like Colorado. It's definitely an antique, and was passed down to me from my grandparents. When we moved we gave the piano to my sister which is actually quite fitting because she named her little daughter after said grandma. … [Read more...]

Old is the new new. Family Heirlooms and why they are so special.

This is a sponsored post for True Value Hardware. All opinions are my own. Do you have any furniture that you've inherited? I have inherited two pieces of furniture from my grandparents. My piano and my bedroom set. (So I guess technically that would be 4 pieces of furniture.) When I was a little girl I learned how to play the piano on this piano. My mother learned how to play on this very piano when she was a little girl as well. And now my children are learning to play the piano on the same piano. When my mom was a child she wanted to take piano lessons so my Papa (my … [Read more...]

Painting the piano {the idea stage}

On Monday I showed you my new PB inspired mirror above my piano: I mentioned that this piano is getting a makeover! Yay! I can hardly wait to start this project! (No, I haven't started it... yet.) PS - I've already taken down the guitars. I didn't like them either! I've been collecting links for refinished pianos so I can decide how I want to do mine. Here are a few refinished pianos I've seen lately. I could paint mine RED: Blue Cricket Design painted hers RED. My Life... Unplugged. also painted her piano RED. Or maybe a shade of BLUE: Crap I've Made … [Read more...]

Pottery Barn inspiration

Well, the new Pottery Barn catalog has arrived! As I flipped through the pages wishing I could afford everything, I came across this picture. Swoon. How could you not love Pottery Barn? Now, look past the beautiful centerpiece on the coffee table. And past the inviting white couch. Do you see the mirrors? Yup, these ones... The wooden one is listed and you can order it, but the gold one is no where to be found in the magazine. But that didn't stop me! I instantly realized I had almost the exact same frame in my stash. (I think the frame came from … [Read more...]