Christmas Tree vinyl gets framed

   Last week I showed you the adorable Christmas Tree vinyl Shelley sent me and asked for suggestions on how I should use it. Here's how Shelley used it: After thinking about it for a week, I finally decided that I really did like it framed. I went to my stash and found an empty 8x10 frame. But it wasn't really that cute or very Christmas-y, so I decided to give it a makeover! I gave it a good coat of spray paint primer and then finished it off with Krylon silver spray paint. I still wanted a little more oomph though. What do you think of when you … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree vinyl. Any ideas?

Shelley sent me this vinyl (not the frame, just the vinyl): Shelley owns Wonderfully Wordy, an online vinyl shop. I'm just *a little* obsessed with Shelley's vinyl (okay, I talk about it ALL the time!) and of course I'm so cool so she sent me a little gift as a Thank You for scratching her back. So anyway, now I've got this adorable Christmas Tree vinyl (that I was going to order anyway from her because my gosh! look at it, it's stinkin' ah-freaking-dorable, but shhh! don't tell her that). Besides the obvious (copy what Shelley did with a frame), any ideas? I've only got 24 … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY: Silhouette SD Machine!!!! *CLOSED*

**This awesome giveaway is now CLOSED** (Winner announced HERE) Yes, you read the title correctly! Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas all rolled into one awesome giveaway! Are you ready to win your very own Silhouette SD Machine? Silhouette America is giving one of my readers a Silhouette SD electronic cutting tool: Wooooo to the freaking Hoooooooooooo! I've been playing around with the machine and am in love. I think I may adopt my Silhouette as my 3rd child. And this one never talks back, always does what I say, and when I feed it it gives me back great crafts … [Read more...]

Chair art inspired by Andy Warhol

* The updated framed artwork can be found here * Do you remember when I showed you all that crap I got at Goodwill? It was all from Target and was brand-new, but for some crazy reason was being sold at Goodwill. One of the awesome scores were rolls of vinyl for only $.99 a roll! I used one of the phone vinyls to make my Custom Phone Wall Pop Art for my sister for her birthday. Another vinyl pack I got that day was a pack of 4 chairs. I am really trying to enjoy color more around here at Casa de Hepworths, so I decided it would be a lot of fun to make a set of Andy … [Read more...]

Takes the CAKE

Ah-freaking-dorable. Wonderfully Wordy takes the cake! (Literally!!!) Shelley's done it again. Gah, I can't take it. I MUST BUY ONE. (I'm gonna order the Subway art one.) *Disclaimer: Shelley is not an advertiser at HoH. I am simply promoting this because I saw it and flipped out because it's so freaking adorable. … [Read more...]

Goodwill {finally} rocks

Goodwill freaking ROCKS. Yes, you read that right. Allison is actually saying something nice about Goodwill. I went to Goodwill on the fly and to say I SCORED is an understatement. For some reason they had tons of brand-new merchandise from Target. I asked if Target just donated it all and the Goodwill lady told me that Goodwill purchases huge lots of unsellable lots from Target (ie: damaged goods). LUCKY ME! So, what did I walk away with? Huge tray: Vinyl Coo-coo clock kit: FIVE rolls of vinyl for $.99 each! I got one each of the chairs and phone booths, and … [Read more...]

Inspirational Decorative Plate Trio

Today I'm going to show you how to make a trio of Inspirational Decorative Plates for only $4. Can't beat four bucks! While I was browsing the 99 Cent Store last week I stumbled upon this package of vinyl. It says, "Live well, Laugh often, Love always" I knew I wanted the vinyl, but wasn't sure exactly what to do with it. Platters? Maybe a picture frame? Plates? I walked around the store and finally found these red plates. The plates were perfect. They didn't have a lip inside them, they were large, and they were a nice color. I'll take them! When I got home I cut … [Read more...]