Christmas Tree vinyl gets framed

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Last week I showed you the adorable Christmas Tree vinyl Shelley sent me and asked for suggestions on how I should use it.

Here’s how Shelley used it:

After thinking about it for a week, I finally decided that I really did like it framed.

I went to my stash and found an empty 8×10 frame.


But it wasn’t really that cute or very Christmas-y, so I decided to give it a makeover!

I gave it a good coat of spray paint primer and then finished it off with Krylon silver spray paint.


I still wanted a little more oomph though. What do you think of when you think of Christmas, the holidays, and decorating?

If you’re like me, you think


I headed to Michael’s and picked up some of the Martha Stewart glitter that *everyone* in blogland has been talking about.


This jar was about $5, but it’s going to last me quite awhile.

On a side note, I had a hard time finding the Martha Stewart glitter until I stumbled upon the Martha Stewart ISLE. Yes, she has an entire isle at Michael’s. And I was in heaven.

I took the ol’ Mod Podge…


…and painted it on in small sections.


Then I worked around the frame alternating between the glue and glitter.


I did the glittering on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper so that I could collect all the leftover glitter and pour it back into the jar when I was done.

After the frame was dry I stuck the vinyl to the glass.


I needed to choose what type of background the frame would have. While I was at Michael’s I picked up a few cute Christmas papers that might work behind the tree in the frame.

IMG_0952  IMG_0953

IMG_0954  IMG_0956

Honestly, I feel like all of them are too distracting, so in the end I chose white paper.


I love how it turned out. I love, love, LOVE the glitter frame!

It constantly sparkles as you stare at it. This glitter really was a great investment.


Thanks Shelley from Wonderfully Wordy for the vinyl. I adore it.


Happy Holidays, my friends!


Christmas Tree vinyl. Any ideas?

Shelley sent me this vinyl (not the frame, just the vinyl):

Shelley owns Wonderfully Wordy, an online vinyl shop. I’m just *a little* obsessed with Shelley’s vinyl (okay, I talk about it ALL the time!) and of course I’m so cool so she sent me a little gift as a Thank You for scratching her back.

So anyway, now I’ve got this adorable Christmas Tree vinyl (that I was going to order anyway from her because my gosh! look at it, it’s stinkin’ ah-freaking-dorable, but shhh! don’t tell her that).

Besides the obvious (copy what Shelley did with a frame), any ideas? I’ve only got 24 more days until Christmas and I want to enjoy my new tree vinyl because I wuve it so much.

I don’t want to stick it to a wall or window because then I can’t use it again and again for years to come. I need to stick it to something that I can pack away after Christmas until next year.

Leave your ideas in the comments!


I’ll show you the pics as soon as I figure out how to use it.

{Oh, and she sent me a few more decals, but they aren’t Christmas-sensitive, so I’ll show you them later.}


GIVEAWAY: Silhouette SD Machine!!!! *CLOSED*

**This awesome giveaway is now CLOSED**

(Winner announced HERE)

Yes, you read the title correctly! Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas all rolled into one awesome giveaway!

Are you ready to win your very own

Silhouette SD Machine?

Silhouette America is giving one of my readers a Silhouette SD electronic cutting tool:


Wooooo to the freaking Hoooooooooooo!

I’ve been playing around with the machine and am in love. I think I may adopt my Silhouette as my 3rd child. And this one never talks back, always does what I say, and when I feed it it gives me back great crafts in return. 😉

The other day I shared with you the great discount Silhouette is giving to all HoH readers (HoH4ever). In that post I mentioned that I received a Silhouette machine from Silhouette America to test out and show you guys.

I’m so head-over-heels for this project I made using my machine.

The.Very.First.Thing. I did after I installed the software was to create my new logo on an 8×10 canvas to hang on my wall by my computer. (I had a canvas left over from a recent craft project.)


And here’s my new button I copied for my new Silhouette HoH artwork:

Oh, I’m just so in love with this art! I have stared at it above my computer for a few days now and I just can’t.get.enough. of it.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how I made it:

I created the lettering in the Silhouette Software on my computer and then had my machine cut it out (it’s so fun to watch it go back and forth cutting your images!). Once it was cut I trimmed the cut section off the roll of vinyl.



Then I took some orange acrylic paint and free-handed a star on the canvas.


When it was dry I stuck the vinyl on.


Piece of cake! Not only is the vinyl artwork easy on the eyes, it was also easy on the brain to create. From start to finish the machine and the software worked like magic.







Have I said yet that I love this new toy of mine? Christmas came early for me this year!

So back to the giveaway… along with winning a FREE Silhouette machine, it also includes:

  • Software for Windows XP/Vista and/or Mac
  • Power cable, USB cable
  • 2 Cutting mats
  • One cutting blade
  • AND a $10 gift card to the Silhouette Online Store!

I like to keep my giveaways easy but I really want to give you more chances to win this time so there are several things you can do to enter. Please leave a separate comment for each entry letting me know what you have done. There are a total of EIGHT ways to enter.

1. Leave a comment with the words “Give me a Silhouette!” {one entry}

2. Visit the Silhouette blog, Follow them, AND leave them a comment! {one entry}

3. Become a public follower of House of Hepworths {one entry}

4. “Like” House of Hepworths on Facebook {one entry}

5. Follow @houseofheps on Twitter {one entry}

6. Post on Facebook about the giveaway with a link back to House of Hepworths {one entry}

7. Blog about it or put the giveaway on your sidebar. Then come back and leave me a link to your blog {one entry}

8. “Like” Silhouette on Facebook {one entry}

*USA residents only :(
*Any previous Silhouette winners are exempt from entering

The giveaway will close on Monday, November 29th at 10:00 PM CST. The Winner will be announced the same day by 11pm so that if you didn’t win you can have all day Tuesday to take advantage of the last day of my awesome coupon code: HoH4ever.

Silhouette America provided me with a Silhouette SD to use and review along with a second machine to give away to my readers. All opinions shared regarding the machine and use of the machine are my own.
Silhouette America currently only ships within the United States. The contest is open to anyone with a shipping address within the US.

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