5 simple steps to prep your yard for Fall

Summer was a blast but now Fall is swiftly approaching. Don't forget to prepare the outside of your home and yard for the coming months by following these 5 tips: 1. Clean out your gutters Heading into Fall is a great time to break out the ladder and clean out your rain gutters. They tend to fill with leaves quickly so you should be cleaning them out a few times a year. 2. Put away all toys and furniture cushions If your house is anything like mine you probably have tons of toys strewn about outside. As soon as the weather turns warmer we bring out the soccer goals, sports … [Read more...]

It’s party central up in here (backyard updates)

We decided the best time to go outside and do loads of manual labor on the yard would be August. In Texas. Poor planning on our part, obviously. If you are unfamiliar with Texas weather, we have 4 seasons here: Hot, Really Hot, Hot as Hell, and Hot with a Few Freezing Cold Days Until 10am at Which Point it Gets Really Hot Again. August would fall under the Hot as Hell season. We also like to party during the Hot as Hell season considering school is out for 3 solid months, so doing manual labor on the yard is a necessity if you don't want your friends to think they've shown up at the … [Read more...]

Cleanup on isle 1 (the fence and side yard post)

Last week I shared how we replaced our fence on the side of our house. As you can see from the before and after photo, we did a little bit of yard cleanup in front of the fence. We took out a box hedge and smoothed all the dirt out flat in preparation for some new sod. Well, that yard cleanup is only a small amont of cleanup that we actually did over here. Behind the fence was an absolute nightmare. Here is the side yard behind the fence when we moved in over two and a half years ago: It wasn't that bad, but there was a huge pile of random rocks and a bunch of metal … [Read more...]