Meet my funny family on youtube at LOL Tapir

Hey guys! As much as I love DIY and everything house related, sometimes I get bored only focusing on my home. I am so much more than a pretty house. Ben and my motto for life is to just have a good time no matter what the circumstance, and we love to laugh and enjoy life!

Over the years we have collected quite a few hilarious video clips of us doing stupid stuff, and we figured we might as well share all of these clips with everyone else. If you have a funny clip that you never share with anyone, did it really even happen??

So welcome to our newest Youtube channel, LOL Tapir. “LOL” because, duh, funny stuff; and “Tapir” because it’s a random funny animal my husband has been obsessed with since childhood.

So far we have 6 videos uploaded, and we plan to try to upload around one video a week.

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Here is my personal favorite video so far…

Grown man Epic Fail on springy toy at kids playground

(Click here if you can’t view the video)

And here is another really cool video of us saving a Great Horned Owl from a soccer net.

(Click here if you can’t view the video)

And another personal favorite, my 13 year old son Travis rapped the entire song Ice Ice Baby while on our cruise a few weeks ago. It was so cool and the crowd went crazy!

(Click here if you can’t view the video)

To see the rest of the videos, visit our youtube channel and subscribe!

Love ya! xoxo


Come hang out with me! Video walk-through house tour + meet our new pet Lily

Hey guys! My entire house is actually clean, so I made a video tour! Have you ever wanted to walk through my house with me? Well now is your big chance. :)

It’s kinda long (13 min) but not only will you see my whole house, you will be video bombed by my kids a few times (they are super adorbs so it’s worth it) and will also meet our newest pet, little kitty Lily (also super adorbs).

If you can’t see the video, you can click here to watch it.)


Get rid of that ugly cord hanging from your attic stairs

(I was one of the bloggers selected by True Value to work on the DIY Squad. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as writing about my experience. I have also been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY project. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.)

I’m back today to share an easy update to an annoying problem. Do you have attic stairs that have a standard pull cord dangling down? They are just not attractive! Here’s a great and easy tutorial to update those attic stairs and get rid of the dangling cord.

Here are our attic stairs “before” the quick update.

The first thing I did was give all the woodwork a fresh coat of white trim paint using a small roller.


Now, to get rid of that cord. You will first need to collect a few supplies. For this project you will need a screw hook, an eye bolt, and a wooden dowel (no smaller than 3/4″ x 3′).

First step, remove the cord. Figure out how your cord is attached and cut it off. Be careful not to let your attic stairs close or it will be very difficult to open them at this point!

Using the new eye bolt, push it through the same hole the cord was in, and tighten the bolt firmly on the inside of the stairs. You may have to use a drill to make your hole slightly bigger if your eye bolt won’t fit.

Now it’s time to make a handle to access your new eye hook. Grab your dowel and your screw hook.

Drill a pilot hole into one end of the dowel.

Screw the hook into your pilot hole. You have now created your handle!

Use the handle to hook the eye bolt and pull down your stairs.

Obviously it would be super ugly to leave the handle just hanging there all the time, so you will need somewhere to store your handle when you aren’t using it.

I used a simple hook inside our hall closet to store our pull handle. Now any time I need to access the attic, I grab my handle out of the closet, attach it to the eye bolt in the attic stairs, and I’m ready to go!

Now when we look or walk down our hallway, we aren’t greeted with an unsightly cord hanging down. The attic stairs are hardly noticeable anymore.

Genius, right?! Head on over to True Value to pick up your supplies today. This little project shouldn’t take you more than about 30 minutes tops. Check out True Value Hardware for all your DIY needs.

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