Painting the Dining Room + cutting in tips (video)

As you can tell from the title, today’s post is about painting the dining room. When we moved in, the dining room was RED. Like, RED red.

It was so dark red that IMO if felt like a cave in there. No matter how open the blinds were, or how bright of bulbs I put in the fixture, the room was just dark.

It also had these awesome curtains that I’m sure were super expensive and popular in 1995 when the house was built, but UmNoThanks not my style. The curtains came down literally the day we moved in. They were just old and permanently attached which meant that they had about 20 years of dust, dander, and pet hair embedded into them. (Chandy, you are next. Don’t get too comfy hanging up there on the ceiling.)

I tried to just live with the red for awhile. I didn’t really want to dive into the dining room first. I have much bigger fish to fry around here. One morning I woke up with no intention of painting the dining room, I got the kids off to school, sat down on the couch to do some work on my laptop, and I caught the dark red out of the corner of my eye. I just could not take the red for one.more.second.

I jumped up, threw on my painting clothes, grabbed a few gallons of paint (we purchased 10 gallons of Stucco from Sherwin Williams when we moved in because I’m painting the entire house the same color), and before I knew it, the room was completely rolled.

Painting is so much easier when you just keep a stash of paint and supplies on hand for those impulsive moments when you are overcome with destain for the current color.

Rolling the paint on the walls and ceiling is pretty quick. It’s the darn cutting in that takes forever, especially when you are covering up a dark color with a light color and you need a few coats to cover it.

When I cut in, I just sit down on the floor, make myself comfortable, and scooch around the room as I paint. Putting on some beats and talking to myself also helps the time pass more quickly.

While I was cutting in I realized that I know a LOT about cutting in. I have been painting walls for so many years that I don’t even think about painting while I’m actually painting. Instead of trying to take pictures of my wealth of knowledge and then type it all out on coherent sentences onto my blog, I made a quicker, easier to follow video sharing a few tips about cutting in. You are welcome.

If you are having trouble viewing this video, watch it here.

After about half a days work, the room is now painted! And it is so much brighter now! We actually find ourselves being lured into the room and have been hanging out in there a ton now.

I still need to give the baseboards and window trim a fresh coat of white paint, but painting trim is the worst so I’m avoiding that for as long as possible.

I won’t even go into the list of stuff that still needs to happen with this room (pretty much the entire room still needs to happen in this room), but at least I can breathe now when I walk by and not feel like I’m suffocating to death in a dark dungeon.

I hope you enjoy the tips video!

Our teenage son’s room is coming together

Now that we are getting settled into our new house, I have the very beginnings of some before and now pictures to share with you. Today I’m going to finally share our son’s room which you got a glimpse of yesterday in our video walk through.

Our son is 13 now (14 in January! Ack!) and wants a room that reflects him and his personality. I’ve been trying to put his room together and he has become so opinionated lately, which honestly, I think is great. I want him to love his room and enjoy spending time there.

When we bought the house the room had two light blue walls and two dark blue walls. Honestly, I liked these blue walls better than any other color of walls in the entire house, but I really don’t like dark rooms at all. I feel like I’m suffocating in them.

It took us several days after moving in to make time to start working on his room so for the first week or so he slept on his floor with unpacked boxes stacked around him.

Before we could assemble any furniture or unpack any boxes I rolled the walls with paint really quick. Travis was literally behind me assembling his new desk and put it against the wall as soon as the paint was dry. He is VERY excited to have his own desk in his room. He’s growing up too fast!

I hadn’t even had time to cut in yet, and in fact, don’t judge but I still haven’t gone back and cut in. I just keep forgetting honestly.

We went back and forth on what bed frame to get for him, and finally just chose the boring Hemnes choice from Ikea that matched his side table and dresser. He absolutely loves all his furniture though, especially since it’s all black. He loves the color black.

So here’s his room currently. It’s still pretty basic, but it’s livable and he really loves it. All the furniture is from Ikea. The bed, side table, and dresser are all Hemnes, Cart is Raskog, and the desk is Micke.

The bedding is Beddy’s. Next week I will have an entire post about them so sit tight.

Travis is a pretty well-rounded kid and is into sports as well as computers, games, and mind puzzles. His #1 favorite thing though is probably the Rubik’s Cube, and he has many different styles, brands, sizes, and shapes of them. He can now solve a basic cube in about 25-30 seconds which is just crazy to me! He is hoping to find a local competition soon and compete. If you have a kid into cubing and you have any questions about the best brands to purchase (hint: Rubik’s is not the best speed cube brand), give he a holler and I’ll send you over some recommendations).

He also is really into computers (like father, like son) and so he has an entire desk area set up where he can play with his Raspberry Pi‘s.





A video walk through of our new Colorado house!

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Hey friends, guess what! It’s VIDEO House Tour Time!

Remember when I posted pictures of our new house? Well, still pictures are like, so last year, so I did a full-on video walk through tour of our new house.

And before you watch it, I have to say this next part in all-caps. I apologize in advance. IT’S MY FAVORITE VIDEO I’VE EVER MADE. I am getting obsessed with youtube. It is so fun making videos. OMGersh. I love it.

Here’s the video!

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See all the “before” pictures of the house again here.

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