How to create cheap sophisticated window treatments

I've been trying to spruce up my office lately to make it feel more cozy. I don't have a ton of extra cash for all new furniture, so I've made do with what I have. While I don't have a ton of extra cash, I do have a little to put towards some very inexpensive window treatments. Did you know you can make your own curtain rods for only a few bucks? If you add in the brackets too you are still less than $8 for the entire getup! My office is basically a bedroom on our main floor (the other bedrooms are all upstairs). This room has one large window and one small window. Yes, these … [Read more...]

That’s it. I’m moving out.

Do you remember that time I switched my office and my guest room (3 months ago)?    1st photo: old office. 2nd photo: new office Ben and I outgrew our office space, so we flipped the office and guest room. We figured almost double the square footage should be enough to contain the both of us. Well, after 3 months in our new shared office, we underestimated ourselves. We are the King and Queen of complete and total chaos. I mean, look LOOK at this mess! I know. It's awful. It's disgraceful. It's flat-out embarrassing. In our defense, Ben recently got a new … [Read more...]

Tweekin the office with a new {Free} hand-made cork board

Hi Friends! First off, thanks for voting for Lindsay. I have THE BEST readers. Srsly. You guys are amazing. I've been hanging moulding I'm so excited to show you, but I'm going to keep you in suspense just a little longer; mainly because I'm too lazy to unload the camera at the moment. Bawahahaha. I swear though, a serious moulding post in coming. I pinkie swear. My office is a train wreck. It really needs an entire overhaul. Last time I showed you, it looked like this: I've since moved the shelf on the desk to the top of the file cabinet. I'm in no … [Read more...]

House Tour: Office/Craft/Sewing/Computer Room

So I said in my Piano Room Tour that I was giving the Dining Room Tour next. I lied. I'm giving the Office Tour. Here's my current office situation. "Work In Progress" would be an understatement. It's {semi} functional, but not pretty to look at At.All. I must like torturing myself, because the amount of office moving I've done the past 6 months is about as ludicrous as the Violent Torpedo of Truth tour. Winning. When we moved in back in August I threw all my decor in our hideous Barney dining room that has since undergone a paint makeover. It was insufferable. After … [Read more...]