More progress in the basement – the furniture is in!

The basement has furniture! Finally. I thought this day would never come.

In the last two posts I talked about removing a wet bar and having carpet installed. You would not believe the difference those two things have made in this space.

In the back half of the long narrow main living area in the basement we set up our Ikea sectional and entertainment center.

And in the front half of the main living area we set up our foosball table and drum set.

The space is not huge like you’d assume a basement would be, but it is big enough for our needs and we are happy with it. It’s basically our new game room like we had in our last house.

Here’s our game room from our Texas house:

Back to our basement… The wet bar used to be on the right wall, where our natural walkway is now.

When you come down the stairs, you turn right at the bottom of the stairs to enter this room (to the left is Ben’s office). This is what you see as soon as you step foot into the basement living area.

Here’s a view looking back at the stairs. Try to just ignore the fact that I haven’t trimmed out any of the paint yet.

Looking back towards the stairs from the other end of the room. Again, this walkway is where the wet bar once was.

And here’s a view from the other side of the foosball table. That door on the far left is Ben’s office, which is a total disaster at the moment so I strategically avoided any direct shots in there.

Now let’s head over to the tv area…

You may recognize the couch from our living room that I showed you a few weeks ago:

After we purchased the couch for the living room (without any measuring at all… oops) we realized it was way too small for the space, so we brought it down to the basement. It fits perfectly and we love it so much in there.

We paired it with our ottoman that was in our previous game room, but it looks terrible and we are on the hunt for an ottoman that matches better and also fits the space. This one is too big and will eventually probably make its way upstairs to the living room or piano room.

One more shot of the entire room, highlighting the ottoman that neither matches nor fits. Have I mentioned though that we sure love the couch? Oh yes, I did.

And seriously, if you know me at all by now, you know I am a serious sucker for before and after pics, so here ya go!





As you can see, serious progress is being made in the basement. Next on the list – painting all the edges around the room by hand with a brush. I’m really looking forward to my carpel tunnel flaring up. It should be loads of fun. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Another game room french doors post

I know you have just been on pins and needles waiting to see what color I painted the game room doors. When I last left off, I was debating whether to paint the french doors or stain them.

Here’s that post if you’d like to see the process of installing the doors and then me hemming and hawing over what color to paint them.

If you guessed “paint them black” then you win a cookie. I really love the look of stained french glass panel doors, but I just couldn’t commit. I felt like they would compete too much with the wood floor, and they would look out of place in our style of house.

But boy they look good black. I am smitten. I have been obsessed with black doors for years, and I doubt the obsession will end any time soon.

The game room is at the end of the hall, on the right. Here’s a good view of the hall as you are walking down it. You can’t see the doors at all until you reach the end of the hall. The door you are looking at here is a bathroom.

Can you believe I still have that gumball machine? It is one of the very first posts I ever made here at House of Hepworths. We’ve had it 5 years now and I still love it as much as the day I bought it. We don’t keep gum in it though; I always stock it with peanut M&Ms (gum gets everywhere, especially when you add kids to the equation, and peanut M&Ms are less tempting to me so I won’t snack on them. Peanut butter M&Ms would be a different story though…).

Here are the french doors when they are completely open. The door on the right only opens 90 degrees, but the door on the left opens all the way.

We went with the same style of doorknob as the rest of the house, but I used two dummy/false knobs per door instead of a real doorknob set. The knobs don’t turn, they are just there to push or pull the door open.

The next two pictures are the french doors closed from inside the game room. Just overlook the half-painted walls.

And two more pictures of the doors open.


Sometimes we will only open one door and leave the other one closed. I’m not really sure why we even do that. Probably just because we are being lazy. In fact, this picture and explanation could have been completely omitted from the post, but I already uploaded it so consider it a random bonus.

And of course some before and afters! I seriously seriously cannot believe I am looking at the same room.


We still have so much more work to do to this house, but just looking at before and after pictures reminds me how far we’ve already come. My builder really second-guessed my decision to put in french doors here, but I insisted he do it. I guess now I owe him a big ol’ “I told ya so!” lol

In case you are wondering why we swapped out this door, it was two-fold. For starters, this end of the hall has zero natural light. I knew by adding glass-panel doors it would bring light into the hall from the big windows in the game room. And secondly, this room is a bonus room. There is no closet so it isn’t considered a bedroom. However, with the single door it sure felt like a bedroom. We wanted to distinguish it as a game room/den/bonus room/media room, as opposed to some weird mother-in-law suite at the end of the hall. Adding glass panel french doors completely changed the feel of the room from the hall and from inside the room and made the rooms at the end of the hall feel more like a natural part of the house instead of some random addition (which it isn’t).

Widening a single door to glass panel french doors

Well Hello there! It has been a long time since I’ve updated. About that. Summer came and went, and I’ve been doing all sorts of fun activities with my family. It’s not really an excuse, I could have sat down and blogged, but I didn’t. And I’m sorry! The kids start school again next week and honestly, I will miss them terribly but am really looking forward to getting back into a routine and spending more time with all of you. I miss you. Good thing this blogging gig isn’t my job or I’d be so fired by now! I’m glad to be back though, and I hope you will take me back.

Now that all the excuses and apologies are out of the way, lets get on with the point of todays post – widening the doorway to the Game Room and installing glass panel french doors. While the kitchen was being renovated, I tacked on a few additional projects that I knew needed to be done before the new wood floors were laid. One of those was widening the doorway into the Game Room.

Here’s the door before we tore it out. In fact, this is before we even moved in. I took this picture while the new carpet was being installed.

The reason I had my heart set on widening the door and installing glass panel french doors is three-fold.

* First, I wanted the room to feel more like a game room. With a regular door it felt a lot like a large bedroom without a closet.
* Secondly, light. The hallway has no natural light, so when the three doors at the end of the hall are closed (Ben’s office, kids’ bathroom, and game room), it feels like a dungeon in there. By adding glass panel doors we were able to bring light into the hall (the game room has several big windows).
* And finally, the biggest reason for me, I didn’t like the kids holed up in the game room with the door closed. By adding the glass panel french doors we are now able to see what they are up to and still keep the doors closed for noise reduction.

The work crew started by ripping out the old doorway, building a new wider header, and installing everything. I considered trying my hand at door framing, but knew it would take me days to complete what these guys did in about an hour.

I was already giddy excited just seeing the doorway opened up. Check out all that natural light! No amount of lightbulbs will ever compete with unadulterated natural light.

Once the doorway was opened up we had a few more steps before the new doors could be installed. First and foremost, the light switch. You can see where it used to be in this picture:

We could have moved it down the wall a little but the new french door would block it. We could scooch it down a lot but it didn’t feel like a natural place to look for a switch while entering the room. I opted for the hardest solution: moving it to another wall completely.

The new light switch location is far enough away that it’s not behind the door while the door is open, yet it feels like the first place you would look when entering the room and looking for a switch. The electrician seemed a little annoyed that I made him move it this far, but I was paying him so he pretty much did whatever I told him to do.

Another step on the road to getting a new door installed was to add new drywall and then have it textured. As always, drywall and texture was a mess, but so worth it. I would have tackled this smaller project myself, but we had a lot of drywall and texture to do throughout the house so I had the crew do it as well. I love that I know how to DIY all sorts of stuff, and that I’m capable of doing it myself, but sometimes it’s just really nice to have someone else do it for you!

Here’s a view of the threshold so you can see how much we widened the doorway. If I remember correctly I want to say there was a 30″ door initially, and we widened it to 48″ wide.

Finally, the door install day! This was done by the finishing crew who also installed all the baseboards, doors, and shelving (I haven’t shown you the shelving yet. It’s on my to-do list).

The doors came prehung and even had half the door casing already attached. The finishing crew just plugged up the hole with the door and then added additional door casing on the raw side. This is the way to go when hanging doors! Find a local company that will sell them pre-made like this. So much easier. The local company here that my builder used is called ProBuild (in case you are wondering). Their website shows that they have tons of locations, so you might have one near you as well. They had a ton of baseboard and door options (way more than the big box stores).

*Also, note that the glass is covered in a plastic film that I haven’t peeled off yet so the glass is looking slightly hazy. I’m waiting until I paint the doors to remove the film.

Here are the doors wide open. Please keep in mind that we were wrapping up a huge renovation and had been living in this room for a few months. It was a mess!

And a view from inside the (very messy) game room. The doors make it feel so much more like a game room now. My sister came over and said that even though she loved the kitchen and the new floors, she thinks her favorite part of the entire renovation was widening the door and adding the french doors.

Also, yes, we moved the piano into the game room. We are trying it out. So far I like it better than in the dining room, but I’m not 100% sold yet.

And check out all that light streaming into the hallway. Plus, now mom (me) can see exactly what the kids are up to. The game room is at the end of the hall kind of hidden away. Now I feel like they will keep themselves out of trouble a little better knowing we are watching them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Aaaaaand open.

Here’s a view from the hall looking into the game room with the doors closed. The (very dirty!) black door goes into the bathroom. It’s dirty from all the overspray from the texture. Also, as we chipped up tile the door got dinged up, so a fresh coat of black paint is now in order.

Obviously we still have a lot of painting to do. As soon as the doors are painted I will install the doorknobs too.

Before and Progress:


Now here’s the big question… paint. Should I paint them black like the rest of the doors in the house? I’m leaning that way. I saw some beautiful french doors the other day that were stained a dark brown and they looked so classic and upscale. Should I stain instead? Paint the hallway side black and stain the game room side? Once I paint them it will be virtually impossible to ever consider staining, so I want to make sure I’m totally committed before I bust out the can of primer.

Here is next post in this series:

Another game room french doors post

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